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"Spin" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on May 7, 2014


A traffic light sits on red

Waiting on go

For a green light to filter the moonlight

Casting it upon leaves creating natures neon

We ride again

We remember when

We had a standoff

Lover's quarrel

Jealous, lustful fools break all the rules

Bending and building till the threshold teeters with a twitch

Long fingers to scratch that itch

Or maybe it's the prick from a knife aimed at your back

Ready to take the heart it originally came for

To fish it out past the spine and through the ribs

To be held up and shown to all on a stick

Testify in the name of the power that is

The snake

The wolf

The woman, the fiercest of the three

Sitting next to me

Looking delicious

Yet man will always be the prey

Suckers waiting for sights for their sore eyes

Green light shining on a supple thigh

Following the light up to a face

Unable to replace the taste

Of sweet nectar

Your sugar

Your poison

Dripping on to my tongue

From your lips

The life sucked out of me

Breath be still, found brewing in my lungs

A fire in my belly from a belly I'm from

A good woman

And I deserve the best

As I lay my beast to rest

I wait in a red haze

One foot on the brake, one tethering the gas

A monster in the back of my truck

Catching some zzzzzzz's


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