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Spiritual Food Daily Devotions Kindle Book

Updated on October 7, 2013

I have just re-published this eBook on Amazon Kindle. The first copy had numerous errors. When I first did it, I didn't even have spell check and I wrote it in like a word pad program. I should of waited until I had everything perfect. Oh well, live and learn. I am very embarrassed because I also gave away over 2000 copies in the last year or so. Now that I have new lap top, I am fixing up all my older stuff.

I noticed that I seem to like to work backwards. I kind of like to get something finished, in a sense finished, and then go back and tweak it. It feels better for my brain. Maybe, my way of thinking is dyslexic, I am not sure.

I wasn't much in the mood for writing for a while. It didn't help that I didn't much care for my equipment. I just kept putting off buying all my new stuff off. But now I have it very accessible and ready to type. They say that if you are a piano player that you should leave the piano open and not covered up. Just have the keys look accessible and then you will play more often. I thinks this bodes true for writers as well. Keep you keyboard open.

I still enjoy to write on paper as well but mostly journal type of stuff.


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