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Spiritual Understanding: A Song of Nature

Updated on October 10, 2013

Tuning An Ear to God Upon Waking

Morning scents bathe the air

Your presence hovers over me.

I know that You care

By seeing You handiwork's beauty.

I hear birds, see a scurrying insect,

while clouds lazily drift by.

All is perfect.

It brings a tear to my eye.

No painting can capture

Your master artistry in motion.

It fills me with joyous rapture

and magnifies my devotion.

For just this moment,

nature's sounds abound.

Even though I'm heaven-bent,

I'm blessed to behold what's here on the ground.

Though stress may rise,

and mankind fail to agree

You alone remain wise,

in allowing us this glimpse of harmony.

It instills hope

in one day being with You.

It inspires me to cope

amidst the struggles I go through.

The eyes through which we see

determine life's plans.

In You we are truly free

when we choose to understand.

Life is not a competition

but an individual sojourn.

Each of us are on a mission

to discover You and learn.

It's not about surviving

or getting ahead.

It's about realizing...

without YOU we'd be dead!

We must appreciate

the relationship You require -

and LOVE not HATE...

because all creation is Your desire.

All of nature and humanity

are extensions of who You are.

In choosing to reject any,

we won't go far.

Not while here or in heaven

the Lord is clear.

We must count seventy times seven

showing love to those far and near.

How else can we say we love You

if we can't tolerate diversity?

Opinions, beliefs, they all hold true -

all part of a bigger story.

You humble us by creating differences,

lest we become proud.

Creatures and nature are okay with this,

but with's often not allowed!

It's not that defending faith itself is wrong;

since that's part of our relationship with You.

But to really belong

is to be a witness, too.

We are accountable to You alone, Lord.

Expressing our love individually.

The only time we need say a word,

is when others are mocked or injured.

Otherwise, we need not interfere,

if others are obeying God as they see fit.

We are to hold the Earth and people dear,

instead of requiring everything and everyone to submit.

Only with God can we all agree

and nature will attest -

that we can only truly be free

when we live a life that's blessed.

So as I step back to rejoin the fray

I have a choice to make.

What good will I do today?

And how will I love like You and not be fake?


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.


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