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Spiritual scams

Updated on May 30, 2011

Spiritual scams
yes they exist
a rising depth
in the shady mist

People proclaiming
that they are the one
demanding your loyalty
or else you’ll be gone

Misleading people
in times of need
telling them
they will be freed

Making promises
giving advice
should you follow
you’ll find your demise

Do not listen
just look within
there lays the secret
of where to begin

Follow your heart
let it guide you well
your soul will remember
and silently tell

Where to go next
what path to choose
guidance from within
you can not loose

Do what ye will
let no harm be done
place for ill feelings
let there be none

So please just listen
to your inner voice
when it is time
for that complex choice

For there are around
spiritual scams
so listen to that voice
and that too will end



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