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Updated on September 16, 2014

Listen, Learn,Express

Listen, Learn,Express

1. There is many areas that has order to them in everyone's life. What has been in the past, affects everyone in some way, but the main thing to do to overcome such problems is to remain still in your heart. This is also known as hope, and there is many rules that people should stick by to have a good life, but there are a few rules that I believe in, and they are:

(a) Learn ( we learn about new things everyday)

(b) Progress (when we learn these new things, we must find out about them and that takes time, if we don't have such knowledge of the things we learn, then we could be lead down a wrong path)

and finally...

(c) Tell (we need to spread what we learn to others because we all share the same things)

It is important that we do not get ''fussy'' over the things we learn, because there is always a thing called taking- chances. We must give ourselves a chance, or we will not discover the coolness that spirituality has to offer us. When chances have a limit, that means that it can only go so-far, but that is because it has a reason to as why exactly it has boundaries, so always keep a lit-eye, and be wise while walking the pathway of spirituality.

2. When we discover things about our spiritual-self; one of the main-priorities is to not resist from what your emotions have to say. If you are one who is interested in taking a particular-spiritual path in life, know that the main- key to discovery: is for oneself to be open in their mind, and also in their heart.

So lets remember these rules so far:

(a) Listen

(b) Learn

(c) Progress

(d) Free- self-expression

and the bonus is...


3. There are many places and things to be discovered on ones pathway.. but always remember to be grounded, and to be strong. Never let go of yourself, and also be cautious.

I hope that this advice of my own has helped you...

- The Oracle01

Remain Blessed.


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