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Splendid Says It All

Updated on October 8, 2014

From Head To Toe

There are a lot of people who love to talk

They complain every day

These are words you never hear them say

I enjoy work

It makes me feel good

Every day I put my best forward

There is no telling what I can do

I am blessed

Happy just to be alive

No matter what happens and when bad things happen there is always someone else who has it worse

I have no time to worry

In my free time I help other people less fortunate

If I can make someone else happy then it's a good day

Instead their life is shallow

It is very selfish and their world revolves around sadness and unfortunate circumstances

Everything begins and ends with them

I have known a few people in my life like this

If you are not careful you can fall into their self destructive ways

Saying of my God

I can't not believe

I can help you

It's a trap

They will use people like Kleenex

A one time use

Then throw you away

They are always looking for money

You have to realize when you are busy working

They were home watching t.v.

When you were saving up for a car

They there spending money like it was going out of style

Spending money on booze and alcohol

All the times when you were struggling they disappeared

Out having fun and enjoying their day

Never offering a helping hand

They will spend their whole lives seeing fault with the world and everything in it

I found only one solution

After getting burned more than once

Putting myself out

I realized I have to get away

Keep my distance

Even if kids are involved

it really hurts me to see children suffer for the parents mistakes and bad choices

I keep thinking what will happen when their children grow up

Will they continue the cycle

Wanting and needing just the way they were taught

Out of work and always down on their luck

I found out that the more you help

Your world starts to tumble

I get up after a fall

Break free and stay away

You can not help people who don't help themselves

I have to live my life and make every day count

Back to work and making new plans

Once I thought I could save the world

One person at a time

I was brought up to help others if I can

My parents never told me watch out for those people

Who will use you

Take advantage of your good nature

So as my stomach turns

I walk away

Doing what I do best

Caring for others in a different way

I asked the people in question

To make a plan

So they could see where their time and money goes

They would hear nothing of it

Because they would see

What took me so long to understand and realize

They cause their own demise

One day at a time

With every negative thought they think

Now I watch from a far

How beautiful life has always been

Those who don't see it

Don't get it

All I do can never make it right

They are too busy complaining

Instead of fixing their own problems

Giving to others

They see what they want to see

Short sighted and blind

To a wonderful world so kind


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      4 years ago

      Michael-Milec There are times in our life where we have to watch and learn as the world follows it's course. People have to go at there own pace as much as we want to help them it is better to let them try and even fail on their own. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Have a great night.

    • Michael-Milec profile image


      4 years ago


      As your heart goes out a lot

      The world around you making choices:

      To accept - to see your light

      But no one can help those - not helping themselves .

      Up and beautiful .


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