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Spooky Scribes - Ghost Writers That May Still be Writing From Beyond The Grave!

Updated on July 11, 2012

Mark Twain

Another Whiskey Drinking Ghost? Writer Mark Twain Probably Only Haunted This Place While Alive!

Mark Twain, who also tended to gravitate toward the whiskey flask, is still alive and well at the Gold Hill Hotel in Virginia City, or so say those who celebrate his birthday there each mid November. Twain adored this vigorous place, and Nevada is proud to keep careful vigil over his favorite writing desk. The father of American literature turned out to be as much of a prophet as he was a legend, “going out” as he came in, with Halley’s Comet. Well traveled and beloved, his novel A Tramp Abroad gave us much thought of faraway places. Though the museum where we herald his possessions is haunted, there are no clear indications of the identity of the ghost - writer Twain himself may not actually reside here in the spirit world.

Orson Welles

Orson Welles
Orson Welles

The Bakery-Haunting Ghost of Writer Orson Welles

George Orson Welles was known to do things at his own pace, and a snails pace seemed to be the consensus to the majority of Hollywood when referring to Welles. After the controversial release of Citizen Kane, Welles took on a few too many projects at once while lacking the stamina and time to finish them all. This lead ultimately to his self banishment from Hollywood and into his adventures abroad. Return To Glennascaul recalled the true haunting of a highway that Orson happened along in Ireland. The mother daughter ghost team spooked the living stink out of Orson, whose ghost prefers to hang around Sweet Lady Jane’s Bakery as often during death as he did while alive, or so they say.

Dylan Thomas

Want To Drink Whiskey With A Ghost? Writer Dylan Thomas May Oblige!

The White Horse Tavern in Chelsea, Texas lays claim to the ghastly vapor presence of Dylan Thomas. Since this influential poets' death in 1953, there have been countless stories of his ghost knocking back the whiskey and following unsuspecting folks down corridors."The Force That Through The Green Fuse Drives The Flower" may be whispered into the wind surrounding a privileged few, just take lots of whiskey along with you as a peace offering, and you’ll probably make out fine with this ghost. Writer Dylan Thomas could still be whispering if not scribbling from beyond the grave!.

Zane Grey

Write Don't Haunt: "The Ghost" Writer Zane Grey Doesn't Appear to Be A Ghost

On to the pristine and stark works of Zane Grey, who shaped our idealistic views of the American West with his profound stories and inspiring details. His love for fishing and everything natural brought us closer to our own primal feelings of freedom, leaving us no doubt as to why he was the worlds first millionaire writer. In 1912 he gave us Riders of the Purple Sage, and The Zane Grey Theatre show gave us The Ghost in 1959. Returning to Altadena California from his final fishing trip in Australia, he was just in time for the peaceful passing his family hoped for. Hotels in Flagstaff who name Ballrooms and Suites after Zane Grey seem to attract a lot of activities from more than one persistent ghost; writer Zane Grey doesn't seem to be one of those spooks though.

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