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A Song for the Sports Athletic Meet

Updated on January 27, 2018
Victory is our song
Victory is our song
The goal is nigh
The goal is nigh

Sports Athletic Meet

We the Champs of(name of the school),

Yeah! yeah, yeah, yeah!

we the champs of(name of the school),

At the sports meet with vigour and zest:

With the spirit of love and oneness in truth!

Brace up! Brace up! for another game,

Victory is our song: Defeat is not a shame .

Do not frown,do not scowl:

Defeat is not the final goal.

Yeah! yeah, yeah, yeah!

Defeat is not the final goal.

It's a stepping stone, it's a stepping stone!

Defeat is just another stepping stone.

There are many more victories yet to come;

Shine! shine, rise up and shine!

There are many more victories yet to come.

Yeah! yeah, yeah, yeah!

Conquer conquer conquer them in stages ,

Strive! strive, we'll strive through the ages :

For defeat is just not our wages.

Way up! Way up! The mountain high!

Steer on! steer on, the goal is nigh!

Soon we'll sing the victory's song.

Soon we'll sing the victory's song!


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