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Spring's Heels.

Updated on March 2, 2010


Springs heels

Spring's heels
poke holes in
melting snows
parting curtains
of white for the
grand entrance
of the crocuses
dressed in lavender's
and pale pinks
and muted yellows
they burst forth in  
hoop skirts of satin
turned upside down
as they go
dancing across the sky
thus the first act
of the season
plays it's lovely intro
in the song of the robins
gracing the budding limbs
of future soliloquies
yet to come.









Summer's Buzz!

Summer drones on,
just a large honeybee,,
gathering the sweet nectar
of many memories,
that will give us sustenance,
to bear the long draught,
of Winters cold, bloomless sleep,
when we all lie snuggled
in the honeycombed dreams
of June's yet to come.

Patchwork partings.

Can you smell it?
the summer
is decomposing
into a rich humus,
that hangs all
spicy, and crisp like
dangling in the
cooling breezes.
It will leave
in a whirlwind,
spinning in it's
emerald gown,
and storming away.
Bidding us a
cold shoulder,
as it sets off
to fairer climes,
where bathers
will immerse,
pale flesh in its
temporary spell.
As a consolation
it parts with
a gift of lovely hues,
perfumed in
woodsmoke and
pumpkin pies,
bare limbs reaching
in thanks,
creating a
world of swirling 3-D
postcards colored in
bright orange,
reds and yellow,
to remind us of it's passing
and making us say,
"Gee I Wish it
was still here."           ©-MFB III


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