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Sprout channel for children

Updated on November 5, 2013

Sprout channel

I don't have kids but I help with my sisters' children and they love watching the Sprout channel. My older sister has a two year old son and my other older sister has a one year old daughter. They love Spongebob and Arthur as well but it does not beat the Sprout channel. It helps them learn and do activities. It keeps them active in the morning when the "Super Sproutlet Show" segment comes on. Also alert as well and teaches them about sports candy, which are fruits and vegetables. My niece and nephew love "The Chica Show" in the morning and the afternoon. The "Super Why" is the best for them because it teaches them how to say their ABC's and spell. The songs are kind of catchy and I like the way they sing the alphabet. "Cailou" teaches them when he does something right or wrong with kids and adults as well. The channel brought the show "Sid the Science Kid" and my niece and nephew love it because Sid teaches them how to ask questions about everything that makes them curious. "Thomas and Friends" and "Lazytown" are also favorites for them, because it's fun and has catchy music. The Sprout Sharing show segment teaches them how to share, count and have manners.The WIggles is great, even I watch it with them. I like singing the fruit salad song and the wags the dog song with them whenever it comes on. I want to change the channel to watch what I want but they start to cry and I have to put it back. I only watch what I want when they take a nap. "Pajanimals" is one of the best for them also, because it teaches them imagination and when to sleep. They get really excited when Pajanimals and Sid the Science Kid comes on. My niece knows how to say hi and bye and you're welcome when you say thank you. My Nephew knows how to count to five, say the ABC's and know the Cailou and Super Why song. There's a website for the channel that has activities for them to participate, like draw pictures and send messages when it's their birthday. Not every child needs to watch the channel. There's Nick jr and Disney kids channel and Weta Kids as well. Sprout is just the go to channel when I am babysitting my niece and nephew. It makes them happy and my sisters happy when they are learning and active.


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