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Donegal Monkey

Updated on March 17, 2013

The plight and life of the legend that is Donegal Monkey

Follow the trials and trivialations of Donegal Monkeys epic story.

Brought to you by Jimmy.

Donegal Monkey was a lonely little monkey living in a house in Leeds, England. He spent his days avoiding being thrown in the cupboard or being kicked around the kitchen if he happened to be laying sleeping on the floor. One day a kind guardian angel from a place called Glenfinn on the Emerald shore called Jimmy came into his life and took pity on him. Jimmy asked his owners if there was any way Spunky Monkey could pack up his life in this part of West Yorkshire and be taken away to a life of freedom and happiness. After a weekend of bartering and negotiations into the early hours over the finest of alcoholic beverages, Donegal Monkeys owners finally agreed that a new life and future beckoned, and with sadness and tears they decided to let him go. His new home would be in the stunning surroundings of Donegal in the North West of Ireland.

Early on Monday morning the 14th November 2011 Donegal Monkey said his good-byes and by Anthony's taxis {opening hours monday to friday 9-6pm} was dropped at Leeds/Bradford airport to begin his venture flying VIP with Ryanair to the land of Daniel O'Donnell and Bernard McHugh.

On landing in Ireland and travelling onto Donegal, Donegal Monkeys owner,Jimmy, forgot about the quarantine laws and after evasion from the local guards Donegal Monkey was captured and put behind bars.....Follow the epic story of the legend that is Donegal Monkey...To be continued!!

Poor Donegal Monkey. Will he get out of jail? Where will his next adventure take him? Will he get his beer down the pub? Will he find love? Check back and follo

Chapter 1

Donegal Monkey spent 2 days in quarantine but was decided he was clean enough (after a spin in the washer) to remain in Ireland. Oh, Monkey was so happy and now was his time to enjoy life and do what any monkey would want to do and get friendly with a few other house-guests! Tonight is his first night of freedom and made it his quest to get to know the locals. Firstly he charmed these 2 fine dolls with his charm and wit.

My two fine dolls.


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