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Stalking The Muse Of Youth

Updated on October 13, 2009


stalking the muse of youth!


let's run and  catch
a jar of lightning bugs...
to be our night light,
and make a blanket tent,
and sleep under the stars,
and then come morn,
we will run down to the crick
and splash awhile,
swinging out over
the deepest part
and dropping back
into our youth,
it's there you know,
just inside your soul,
you'll get it all back
when you die,
if you have the faith
and the love of all
as children do
that rush of childhood  will
cover you in an instant
and you will bubble vivaciously
as you journey towards heaven,
but here and now,
stop and play awhile,
even a bed can be a playground,
wrestle and play tag,
and hide and seek, and
teeter tooter,
I'll bring the teeter
and you will surely totter...
just try to avoid kick the can,
and battleball....
why not just
spin the bottle
and see who gets to
swap some spit


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