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Stand Off...Part One

Updated on September 27, 2011

She could feel the anger welling up inside of her. She hated stupidity and the excuse of ignorance because people did not want to learn. It, the anger, twisted in her as a writhing snake, threatening to eat up what kindness and humanity she had left. She was an old woman in their eyes; well past her prime, beauty or usefulness. Her wisdom meant nothing to these people and her expertise and knowledge branded her nearly insane or mad in their eyes. Yet, the deepest root of her anger was that a lot of them were her kin but far more estranged than any stranger. She sought her solace in her solitude and the remoteness of her home but now, they lusted after that as well.
Ruby Kay McLeod was old or mature in her years. She had seen fifty pass a decade ago but solitary and independent, she had not allowed the years to cease her quest for self-survival and more knowledge.
There was no one to look after her since Da had long since passed and her once long ago lover was dead, having sacrificed for his country in Vietnam.
They had sent that mealy-mouthed summons server to her door or rather to the "yonder" tree as it had always been called. The puny man nearly shimmed up the tree to get away from Rags, her hound, was trying to eat him alive. The server's screams of fear and Rags' baying like he had a treed coon brought her to her front door. She picked up the 410 pump shotgun and stepped onto her porch, calling the dog off. Even though Rags returned to sit beside her, the summons server stayed in the tree because Ruby Kay was notoriously known for shooting any stranger on her land. Well, not actually shooting them but spraying enough buckshot around to send them high tailing it back down the mountain.
"What the hell do you want?" she yelled at the man.
"I have to deliver this summons, Ms. McLeod, to you."
"Like hell you will, just drop it at the base of the tree and then get your arse off my land. And you tell them idiot kin of mine that I am not crazy and they are going to have a damn hard time proving it."
"You know it is a competency hearing, Ms. McLeod?" the man ask as he slowly lowered himself to the ground, never taking his eyes off of Rags or the shotgun.
"Yep, I do. Now, get out of here." Ruby Kay yelled back at him. He had the same surprised look on his face that everyone did when they heard Ruby speak. She might have been born and raised in the backwoods but she was well educated thanks to her Da and their mysterious neighbor, known only as the Professor.

(to be continued)


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm hooked...waiting for the next part

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Freeway ,Hey I like this womans spunk and I love her cabin too. I'll go defend her against the invaders!.........:-}

    • satice_j profile image


      7 years ago from via the Bronx, NY

      A title like Sandra Brown, the memory of a movie, and great writing! Give me more please! I want to know if Ruby wins the fight against her kin! Voted u awesome and UPPPP!


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