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Stand Off...the conclusion

Updated on November 9, 2011

While the plantiff's lawyer was still trying to absorb the fact that Ruby Kay had a former state attorney as her lawyer, a very still quiet fell over the courtroom so when the doors opened again and a young woman entered, everyone turned to look. She was dressed in a chic business suit and carrying an expensive briefcase. She walked straight ahead, never letting her eyes avert to the right of the courtroom where a quick and disgruntled mumbling had begun among the estranged family. She did, however, focus her gaze on Ruby Kay and smiled brightly as she seated her self directly behind Ruby and the Professor.

The judge hit his gavel against the resting place and the bailiff ordered loudly. "Quiet in the courtroom." The judge leaned forward and addressed the Professor in a firm tone. "Can we resume the proceedings, Counselor or is there anymore surprise guests yet to come?"

Mr. Harkins smiled benignly at the judge and answered in a somewhat weaker voice than the one he had years before but he could be heard clearly. "No, Your Honor."

Judge Hatten let our a relieved sigh and said to the air. "Good. Now we will get on with the proceedings. Mr. Matthews, you may begin your case now." he addressed the plantiff lawyer.

Mr. Matthews had his head tilted, listing to Daniel's widow whisper something to him but her actions were clearly irritated and agitated. Judge Hatten frowned and then again addressed the lawyer. "Mr. Matthews?"

The plantiff lawyer faced His Honor and said "We would prefer to give the opening priviledge to the defense, Your Honor."

"So be it" said the judge and Rory Harkins rose slowly to his feet. He stepped away from the table and walked slowly in the center area right before the judge's bench. The Professor drew himself up to his slight height and then stated.

"We are most grateful to have the plantiff counselor be so gracious, Your Honor. We have only one witness we wish to call."

The judge nodded and said "Proceed".

"Thank you, Your Honor, as the defense wishes to call Dr. Regina Shelby to the stand. Dr. Shelby is a well known among us as being an expert in cognition among the elderly. Her practice is one of the most sought after in Nashville."

The bailiff called out "Would Dr. Shelby take the stand, please."

The young woman who had just entered rose to her feet and advanced to the witness chair. The bailiff approached her with the Bible and stated the normal words of swearing her in. Then he ask her to give her full name. And she obliged him.

"Dr. Regina Marie McLeod Shelby".

Well, the rest of the story is anyone else's guess but I do know for a fact that Ruby Kay McLeod still lives on the Dome, visited only occassionally by her third cousin, the famous psychiatrist, Dr. Shelby, and the Professor who still keeps his license to practice law in Tennessee valid and active. No one knows where the rest of the McLeod clan disappeared to but it is the truth that it is nowhere on the Dome and they are quite poor.


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    • profile image

      Bren 6 years ago

      I'm glad she got to keep her home and her land. :)