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Stand and walk a brighter day is ahead

Updated on September 16, 2015

I used to think the world is a place where good things are easily supported and achieved. I never knew that i have to fight my way through to achieve purpose and fulfill dreams and destiny. I usually think the world is a place once you have a good idea, people will support you. No, you really have to fight to convenience people and make believe notwithstanding the circumstances. You have to brace up yourself in the midst of the storm, be strong and see the victory coming. You may have encountered a lot of challenges in your life. You might have made a lot of mistakes in life that the scars are still threatening your believe to start all over again. You may have been sexually abused, had a broken and an unfulfilled relationship you thought would have lasted forever. You might have been rejected, ejected and forsaken by your loved ones. You might have committed dirty acts that are always in your mind and whenever you remember them, it becomes a bad omen to you and you think there is no hope again for you. I call them obstacles because you can overcome them no matter how big and great they seem to be. You found out that your husband is cheating on you and he has promised to repent but all is to no avail, you lost your job and things are no longer moving fine for you as they used to. Faced with a terminal disease which the doctor certified.
This challenges and obstacle are in combat with your glorious future, purpose and destiny. You are currently wondering why all of this is happening to you, its because you are heavily gifted and loaded. Have this in mind,the devil know of your bright future and destiny and he is after making that future not to come to lime light. All you have to do is to resist him and he will flee. Stand up and tell yourself that you are not going down with this, it is a stepping stone to my victory. Satan battles your mind in other to make you loose faith in your future. He wants you to loose your beauty. He wants you to loose your mind, courage, faith, belief and hope. Don't allow this plan to come to pass. Decide now not to let him stop you.

One of the things we need to understand in life is that in attempt to actualize our dreams and desire in life, we fail in one way or the other. Actually,that failure is part of the winning strategy.The school system allows us to learn before we fail but life allows us to fail in other to learn(this doesnt mean we are bound to fail whenever we are after a desire). One can also profit from a fall.When you fall, you can pick something when you are about to rise. No successful man on earth is where he is today without experiencing this factor in one way or the other.
Poor people are always afraid to fail and thats they dont attempt bigger projects. They have accepted and conformed to the status quo- Whatever will be will be(que sera sera).They only do things that are normal, they only do things that are common and they always have a common result.They take life itself easy and they are easily eased off in life.Whereas the rich are ready to take up bigger projects not minding the risk involved in it.
One thing from failing is that when we fail, we learn from the mistake and move on in life.You have not really started if you have not made a mistake in life. You cain also gain knowledge from your own experiences.
When life throws a dagger at you,there are two ways of catching it- either you catch it by the blade and get injured or you catch it by the handle and use it to fight your way through.Its far more better to try and fail than not trying at all. One of the principles to adopt when we fail is the persistent principle. Never accept defeat. Become tougher than the tough times.You may not get it all right but you certainly have to get it going. Failures can be turned into opportunity.
Nothing worth doing was done perfectly well the first time.A man was asked how long it took him to manufacture his product and he said 1000 times. They asked him, does it mean you failed 999 before getting the product and his reply was " i found out 999 times ways this product could not be produced". Success can alsobe said to be a process of passing from one level of failing to another.Believe you can do all things and thet you are tougher than the toughest times. Its not what happened to you that matters but what happened in you when what happened to you happened.Dont blaim anybody when you fail, rise up to your feet and continue. Refuse to quit until you get thet project and that desire in your heart accomplished.


Charles Schwab had a mill manager whose people werent producing their quota of work."How is it, Schwab asked him, that a manager as capable as you can't make this mill turn outwhat it should?
"I don't know, the manager replied. I have coaxed the men, i have pushed them, i have sworn and cussed them, i have threatened them with damnation and being fired. But nothing woked. They just won't produce.
This conversation took place at the end of the day, just before the night shift came on. Schwab asked the manager for a piece of chalk, then turning to the nearest man, he asked " how many heats did your shift make today?
"six". Without another word, Schwab chalked a big figure '6' on the floor and walked away. When the night shift came in, they saw the '6' and asked what it mearnt.
The big boss was in here today, the day opeople said. He asked jus how many heats we made and we told him Six. He chalked it on the flooe. The next morning Schawb walked through the mill again. The night shift rubbed out '6' and replaced it with a big '7'. When the day shift reported for work the next morning, they saw a big '7' chalked on the floor. So the night shift thought they were better than the day shift, did they? Well, they would show the night shift a thing or two. The crew pitched in with enthusiasm, and when they quit at night, they left behind theman enormous, swaggering '10'. Things were really stepping up and taking shape.
Shortly, this mill which had been lagging way behind in production, was turning out more work than any other mill in the plant.
The way to get things done is to stimulate competition. I do not mean in a sordid money getting way, but in the desire to excel. Without a challenge, Theodore Roosevelt would never hve been President of the united states. All men hjave fears but the brave put down their fears and move forward, sometimes to death. Confront your challenging times.There is always what to do when things go opposite laid down plans.No matter what happens in life you can devise a means to forge ahead, you can stand and walk for a brighter day is ahead. See you at the top.

It is time. Faith is now. Wipe your tears and talk back to your fears. According to Patricia O' Brain the author of women alone, " where planning and decision making are concerned, women either cope or they build". This is decision making, you don't need to cope with it but you can build a future. As a woman and man of great potential, you can make something good out of the clay that is in your hand. It may look dirty, shapeless, void, hopeless, having no direction and undefined purpose, you can look at it through the mind of God and say to yourself " God took clay in the garden and formed man, he can also do the same in my life and circumstances, if i will just place it in His hands". There are choices out there, they only work whenever you decide the one to choose. In life and destiny, decision making is very crucial. The ball is in your court. The ability to make this very decision lies in your hands. God said to His people that before them is life and death and the right to choose is with them but He admonished them to choose life so as to live. So your decision is very important. The woman with the issue of blood has been in pains for twelve years. She had spent fortune seeking for solution. Many doctors must have used her for one experiment or the other. For this twelve years in assume she should have given up and become conformed to her situation but little did i know that she still kept her faith alive despite the number of years she has been under this bondage. When she had that the healer was in town, she decided that if only she could touch the helm of his garment, she would be healed.
What are you saying over that issue? over that lack whats your confession? that sickness that has overstayed what are you saying to it? Its high time you start seeing a glorious and better picture of your future. Good decision comes from a sound mind irrespective of the pressure and it is not gender selective. Making decision is one and the willingness to follow that decision is another. If you have made a decision not to remain at the floor, that's a good one but you have to stand up from the floor. Stand up and walk for there's a better day ahead. Be willing to rugged things out. When i came to understand more about life, my perspective of life and what life is all about changed for good. Life is full of test and at least everyday it must give you one. Life is the means which our actions are compared and judged. When a machine is built for a particular purpose, an assignment has been placed on the machine. The manufacturer expects the machine to deliver because all that is needed to do the job is built inside of the machine. So the task placed on the machine is just like a test, it brings out the make up of the machine and proofs its capacity.
I believe you are willing to work out your destiny and give a big blow to that situation. Reading a magazine on how to grow your muscle will never make your muscle to grow, there is always a need for you to get to the gym and d the real stuff. Likewise reading a book on how to become a world class cook can never make you one if you don't get into the kitchen and put those things you have read to work.
Belove, no matter the challenges ahead always remember not to give up. When life gives you a lemonade, you can make a lemon juice from it and when it throws a dagger at you, you can decide to use it and fight your way through in life.


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