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Stand still,Borma

Updated on June 28, 2013

Stand still ,Rohingyas in Burma!

Stand still

like a steel sturdy



Stand like a mountain

like a thorn in their flesh

like a rock in their throat

Don't bow or even think of a retreat.

A beaming ray of justice will push aside

this nightmare

to let all the weathered pulverized flowers

sprout and bloom again

and all the refugees to return home to cultivate their lands

and rekindle their ovens.

Your ruins ,

your blood,

your slain kids

are a disgraceful mark on

our puppets which are hanging by a thread,

and as a scarlet letter on the humanity which run in vain

after illusions with a rendering-heart cry.

I am drowned now in pain

to see you standing still

all alone on a cliff

no bottom down to hit

no placard up the air,no parade behind to protest,

only a stranglehold of inertia and

inexplicable ensuing silence of the entire world.

but stand still ,Rohingyas !I say

I beg

to prick up your ears

and listen with me

to the streams gurgling

with rocks, stones,pebbles

by a mile

all stitched up ready to roll and break

inhuman barriers,walls,boundaries.

Don't give up,Borma!

recite with me before I leave this holocaustic scene:

Mills of God grind slowly,yet they grind exceeding small .


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