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Stand tall (forgive me)

Updated on February 1, 2012

Stand Tall (Forgive Me)

All my thoughts of me

I couldn't see

I was selfish to think

that only I was here

and only I was sad

Now I know that its not so bad

and I wish those around me could forgive

I said read this read that

All I wanted was for someone to appreciate what I did

And in the end it seems pointless the ones that mattered most never looked

Those that did stopped

They grew tired of seeing

And I'm tired of being

Why am I so depressed

I've realized the truth and I think I give up

And I give up on it.

My life will be better

but still read this read that

Recognize that I am here I don't want the stars like Cindy and Gina

to forget who I am

and I don't want the devil to win by depressing me

I stand here and here my stand starts

And if I die in trying I will rise above the clouds and be where I belong

but if I go and if he wins remember me as I am not as I should be

for now I make my stand

and now I'm the best of me

forgive me for who I've been now in changing

my selfishness is ending

and for once I'm winning

I believe in what's coming

stand and watch as I make my stand

I will no longer be sad

and those of you that will be glad I thank

those who have suffered with me I thank

and you God I thank

I thank myself

and I thank the scars that kept me from taking my life

the memories that keep me here

the memories that now build me up

Now is the stand here and now enjoy it

I will not fall to measly demons

the devil himself will have to come to get me now

I stand and I stand again when I fall

when I die the end is no where in sight its just the beginning of a new chapter

standing rising standing

only he can make me fall

but the lord will help me rise again

and I will stand tall


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    • profile image

      stessily 6 years ago

      This is powerful! The endless cycle of learning, of falling and of picking oneself back up, is beautifully presented.

    • profile image

      Retta 6 years ago