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Standing Still

Updated on July 30, 2013
AmO Images
AmO Images


Standing still is not something that I like to do,

So make up your mind,

About what you want me for..

I am confused I can't do this anymore.

Why must we go on this way...?

Live like this day-to-day...,

Can't you see that its you...?

Not knowing what you want to do.

I can't do this any longer,

You're wasting my time.

My time is precious,

So make-up your mind.

I don't like standing still...

It's not something I like to do,

But I keep making that sacrifice for you,

and still you can't give me your heart,

So now I'm ready to part,

No since in playing your game,

When all I get is the same...

This time it's really good bye,

And I don't care if you cry.

You wasted enough of my time,

So go on and leave me behind,

I won't get in your way of the things that you want to say.

I wish you the best,

Along with the rest,

Of the people that got in my way...

Written by: J Lono

Copyright 2010


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