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Standing in the wild

Updated on October 23, 2014

The Closer You Look, The Less You See

These are the words of a broken man,
Lost wandering in unknown lands,
Got no room to stand, got no helping hand.

On his mind was a hopeless plan,
A plan to bring change to this very land,
But it ended in pain, misery and agony;
Bombs fell from the sky, nothing but savagery.

Standing where his house once stood, trying hard to face reality,
Trying hard to remember the faces of his family.
Tears in his eyes, he rose to his feet,
Gazed up at the sky to the lord he wept.
Asking for strength, for he was too weak,
Praying for the enemy's defeat.

Waiting for the day that was yet to come, the rising of a new sun,
Wishing he would overcome this pain,
Praying for the day in which children could play once again,
Laughing and dancing in the rain,
But all he saw were bodies blood stained,
Asking himself again and again, "am I going insane? Is this all real or am I hallucinating , 2 days ago I was planning my child's education, saw in the news peace keeping force was coming for liberation, all I see now is the end of a civilization!"
Written by:
Kaleemullah Syed


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