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Star Wars Dark Empire

Updated on October 26, 2014

In the middle of the night I woke up and then I slipped out of the bed, I left my bedroom and began to wonder through the darkness of my home. I could hear a cold breeze blow through the trees as I noticed moon light shining rays of blue light through my windows. a familiar voice I did hear. A voice that could only be heard in my head told me I might still possess a book about a fantastic space opera tale from many years past. To my surprise this old tale that was printed 19 years ago might be relevant in Hollywood today? It could be the inspiration and/or plot of the new J.J. Abrams movie production titled Star Wars episode 7.

So I crept into the attic step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot as I entered the attic I noticed the attic was dark inside as dark as the night, maybe even darker. Slowly I entered the attic with my lantern in hand. It was not long until I noticed a musty smell that lingered in the air. I continued on my way for there might be a hidden treasure deep within the confines of my attic.

Just like Indiana Jones I engaged in a adventure for this treasure. It was not long until I noticed my old treasure chest. I began to wiped away the dust and cobwebs and then I began to open the dusty old cobweb infested chest. Low and behold there was a golden light that shined from within, but the light was not a reflection casted from golden coins, nor gold of any kind. The light was not the brilliance of diamonds, gems nor ruby's. The light was casted from a great space opera that I have loved since I was a kid and I think you feel the same.The treasure was a Star Wars book called Dark Empire.
I quickly grabbed the book and without a moments notice I heard the the south east winds start to howl with great terror. Over to the west end corner of the creepy old attic Bats became restless and began to chatter. The bats flapped their wings ((Flap, flap, flap)) while their shrieking voice cursed me with a vengeance I quickly stood up as my old knees cracked and the sound echoed ((Crack, Crack, Crack)) through the creepy old attic.
I began to make my exit as fast I could! ...I ran to the steps and I stumbled on the second step quickly I stood up and continued on my way but don't worry about me I was ok. I gripped the book with the great space opera tale for which has entertained us since we were kids, the book that was titled Star Wars.
The bats began to chase me, so I ran faster and faster as they flapped their wings harder and harder. Quickly I reached the exit of the creepy old attic as fast I could and I slammed that door shut as hard as I could as yelled loud and proud "I survived!!!", I have the golden treasure that seasoned our souls with much happiness and joy with many hours of entertainment and many years of fascination with a delightful tale that took place a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. The story of the Skywalker family who threatened a whole universe with their drama between father and son and then I returned to my bed and I slept in peace for I would read my book on the following day.

The End :-)

In search of my graphic novel


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