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Star Wars Vision fantasy art book - book review

Updated on April 1, 2011

Star Wars Visions - Science fiction fantasy art book

Do you love Star Wars? Did you grow up with Star Wars? or Do you love the artwork created for Star Wars? If you said yes to any of the previous questions then keep reading as Star Wars Visions is for you.

Being a fantasy artist and a collector of fantasy art books, I just had to highlight this great book 'Star Wars Visions' with one of my first hubpages.

For me it's a blast from the past and I have great memories of standing in line, freezing cold, waiting to get into the original film. At that time it seemed and absolute mirical that such things could be created and we were all amazed at such a fantastic film.

‘Star Wars Visions’ is a showcase of stunning fantasy art based on Star Wars by some of the best fine artists working today. Released this November, it contains 120 full-colour as well as black-and white paintings inspired by the Star Wars saga from more than 100 renowned artists and features a foreword by the man himself, George Lucas, as well as an introduction by Jonathan W. Rinzler

Star Wars Vision video clip

Beautiful art book

If you have a copy of this book, let me know what your think.

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