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Stark realities

Updated on October 27, 2012

You are

the scope that encircles my

triangulations ...

Your view of me is -

all that is you.

There really is no present time

holding me steady -

your birds-eye view

will cause me to

become to you

whatever you're holding me to.

I am within a triune

in truth, I bear all things, and will

bare all things - behold me.

Beholding me always unto you.

Though, the dyad fornicates along

those stark realities

have come and gone.

But on the whole

we are really only one ...

and singular -

Our infinity continues on eon after eon ....

No number keeps me in the light ...

Though you have been there

day and night.

My form is brilliant and calculating -

Squared off inside

Where I reside

expectant ... all knowing,

always changing,

forever growing.

Will you cast me in a mold?

Will you frame me for an age?

I have been here all along

lasting... through you

and what you think, say and do.

I abide always ...

Reflecting your truth.

By opposing me

you keep me near.

Always hovering

deeply coveting.

Essential for me to create.

Love me, hate me ...

Then back again, and

in between the

spectacle seen

or unseen.

Take out your eye

and wipe me clean

You don't know what you see.

Your shadows make me dark.

My angles, rigid,

bend and point sharp

and shaped like

pointed arrows.

You are a constant, easy target

upon yourself.

I rise. I melt ...

I wake. I sleep.

I die. I dream.

I come.

But you are my keeper

not entangled, nor ever estranged,

nor are we ever re arranged.

Always the same,

though, our parallel collides

into the mix, but not at a point

for we are a fixed



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