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Starstepper The Immortal Apache Medicine Man Is Free Again!

Updated on July 15, 2015
Wrath Warbone
Wrath Warbone

Dear Friend,

Starstepper, The Apache Medicine Man, my first Kindle publication did not do as bad as all that first time out of the box. He was downloaded for free a little over 300 times and made me just over 18 dollars in for-pay copies bought mostly by friends. A famous marketer, Blair Warren, said that it was really pretty successful compared to many.

If you are curious as to how I wrangled 300 or so downloads it was easy enough.

At the time there was an article distribution service called SubmitYourArticle that would place original articles, 400 words or more on about 200 directories and a few thousand blogs, throughout the Internet. It cost $69 a month. I did up some articles about my book and sent them out, in an effort to make myself familiar to readers inclined to respond over a few months before I offered the book for free. In marketing it would be called "branding." And..

I distributed the link to those articles with a service called OnlyWire that puts just a link to about 52 places on the Internet for $12.95 per 1000. But if you are broke Google "top 100 article directories" and get Sharaholic for free, which also is for link distribution. Easy, but time consuming because it is done manually. Put ".com" after onlywire and sharaholic. There are still some article distribution services out there too. But back to the 300.

I guess so to the "pretty successful comparatively" but "free" moves a lot better than $2.99 for me. It will be available for free again on July 13 through the 17th. Some happy reviewers said, "Great for waiting rooms and bus rides." and " Very relaxing, like the stories Grand Dad told after supper.".The most helpful review by Gary S Hughes says...

"A very easy read, chapters are short enough if you only have a little bit of time you can read a whole chapter during your lunch break. I have not finished the book yet, it is written in a story format from a great story teller.
This books reminds me of those stories my Grandfather and his Son my father would share at family gatherings. A great escape book from our daily stress of the day, I highly recommend this book."

Wendy Schroder says......

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Starstepper and his adventures. This is a book with several short stories that are fun to read."

There you have it.

Feel what it is like to...

  • ride bareback on a 6 foot eagle,
  • turn into any animal you want and
  • run wild in the woods with a pretty best friend
  • talk to the animals in their own language
  • Contend successfully with a big boss in an Al Capone Chicago type ghetto hometown after living in the woods away from people for 120 years
  • All by means of sacred Apache knowledge of herbs

Makes for some fun situations.

Wrath Warbone

P.S. Return to a time when life was simple and good and bad were easy to tell apart with Starstepper, my first American story book. The link to it is after the chi town type music video below. Enjoy!


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