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Start Your Day On A Mission

Updated on February 16, 2013

Too Blessed to Be Stress

Since I have moved to a new city and state, I have no car, or reliable transportation, nothing but my own two feet. Since I live around many business that are close enough to walk to, it made everything from food, to clothing, to eating out, or just site seeing a convenience for me. However, I found myself confound to that one place. New City, new state I had to get out and see what this new place had to offer. I just couldn't go out an do this, so I decided one day I needed a list of things I needed to do. I need a job, figure out how I can get around, and make sure everything at home was good enough. I was living on section 8, food stamps, and medicaid for my five year old. Jobs was hard to come by since my son came home from school at 2:30p.m. and everything seem to open up rather late as oppose to the city I was in. Many companies would work with my hours, and/or either they were just taking applications and not hiring. I grew very stressed and depressed, but I set out one day to do something about it.

I decided that I would start my day on a mission and being on this mission I plan to get something accomplished. I set out to make a list of things to do during the day. What i mean by this list is something you can do to set yourself free from all the worries, and stressing moments. I first accomplish my goal of exercise my body and mind. I would go for a early morning walk, right before sun rise and start off with two laps of just listening to the morning risers chirp away. I come at piece with myself and God's creation. Then, i would head home and I would run all the way to the third floor, and as I enter my home, I would grab me a book off the shelve and get lost into another place. This helped to ease my mind, and slowly all the stress started to lift off my shoulders.

Next, I would cook something just for me. Something that I like a blueberry muffin and have a cup of hot tea. I would watch a movie and just give myself some all about me time. Everything I would do is what i liked. Set aside two to three hours a day just to cater to your own needs. Sometimes when you help other out so much, you often forget to help yourself, so use that free time just to enjoy yourself.

Then, start your daily list of things you normally do. Clean dirty dishes, sweep, mop, clean off tables and counter tops, clean restrooms, and maybe your laundry. Try to keep your mind off of all those things you have yet to accomplish until later. Relax. Last thing you need is to stress your body even more.

There are many things you may do to help you refrain from stets. You can join a group or class about anything, art, dance, or social group. Volunteer at your child's school, or gym. Be on time to get your son off the bus and share with him your daily activities. Sometimes it's good to talk to your children about you, get them close enough to knowing you so they may share with you their experiences at school, too. Make them comfortable enough to come to you about anything.

Lastly, if you are a christian, try to live your life as God would have you to. Be respectful of others, and love your neighbors as you love yourself and God love you. Remember things isn't going to fall in your lap right when you want it to. Some things may take a little more time. Relax and make a list, because honey you are too blessed to be stressed.


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