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Starting Freelance Writing is like starting a new business

Updated on March 9, 2011

Busting into freelance writing can be likened to starting a new business in a busy market-place already filled with established popular shops.You're competing for traffic with professionals who know how to advertise and have proven successful products on their shelves.

Getting established in a crowded market-place is tough. You've got to be persistent, offer consistent value and learn from the pros. A good place to start is the Hubpages success stories. Read their profiles and hubs to learn what makes a good hub article. You'll see that even the best writers take 2 to 4 years to get established and have invested the time to write 100's of hubs and build up a healthy queue of followers.

Like a new business owner it's important to join some sort of market union  to learn from the more experienced businessmen. You can learn a lot and avoid the common mistakes while finding  your niche in the market and building up foot traffic to you stall in the marketplace. Hubpages groups can be thought of as the local unions.

Participating in Hubpages forums is another way to brand yourself, expose your articles and build a reputation in the market. Be sure to read the forum  rules.

A great way to encourage other writers is to leave meaningful comments on their hubs and helpful answers to their questions. By responding to their posts you'll establish trust with them and build up foot traffic to your own online shop of articles.

By being an active participant in the community, the whole market grows.

Spend time on your profile. Your profile can consist of anything you want, but a thoughtful profile is both an introduction to both you and the kind of writing you do.


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