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Loss of steam

Updated on July 29, 2012

A little about me

I have dreamed of being a writer from anything to poetry, novels, manga and so on. Thus because of this dream I have worked extraordinarily hard on mastering the art of writing. So no I have two compeleted manuscripts and one partially completed. Now though as I stare at a piece of paper ponder what to write I find my self lost for words. My hypothesis is that maybe it is due to the fact that I do not have anything to work towards.

In the beginning of my writing career I originally did it just because I thought it was fun to wrap myself up in another world, to live a life that would be impossible in today's modern society. So it was all fun and good. Pumped out two and a half manuscripts and then like that not a single word that I wrote sounded right. I ran out of steam

Maybe...Just Maybe

I believe that maybe when I get something to work towards that my pen will move freely over the paper again. That I will be able to finish my manuscript and publish it. So I am writing this to ask for some advice.

Is there anyone out there who has o few words of advice for a struggling writer, some way to once again light a fire under the dying embers of inspiration?

Is there a way that maybe some one can help me feel like I have something to write about, something to work for?

If so this lost and wondering writer would be ever so pleased to hear from anyone out there who believes that they can help.


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