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Starting My New Zombie Book

Updated on January 26, 2016


"There will be no survivors."

That is what the last panicked broadcast said before the power flickered out for the final time. Where technology took his final breath, and the long life of human innovation and advancement came to an end...

It began with sickness, illness blamed on terrorism and manufactured drugs. Victims would disappear, and lies would be told (with good intentions), until government could not keep up anymore. It was rumored that the government learned to control the weather, and began population control creating "natural" disasters. Some called it a "spiritual transformation" some called it a "punishment from God", and some just called it evil. In the Ages of Man, we were in the final age, living in toil and misery, where the gods have completely forsaken humanity. It was time to go back to a golden age and start over.

The irony? We would destroy ourselves. As predicted, modern war played it’s part for a short time, but the dead began to rise...Generation after generation, we had been falling in love and having children, keeping their bodies safe underground...unknowingly building the army that would fight against us today.

There could have been no survivors, but some...some were prepared. They stockpiled weapons, strategized for the subsequent attack, and had a bit of luck. December 21st when the worst of it began, the supplies had seemed endless, but by May, much had happened, and it was time to venture out in search of medicine, food, and a new beginning.

A few survivors found themselves in a small, rural area in Illinois, digging through rubble... when they saw a skeletal hand tightly grasping what appeared to be a large book..A survivor brushed the debris off of the front, hoping it would be a good read to pass the was...there, in the middle of the destruction, was the first book found since the Mayans prediction came true. In bold letters, the title made it clear that this wasn’t just a book...

"What is it?" said another survivor.

"It’’s a diary...The Diary of Jeremy Baker" the survivor read aloud.

"Maybe we will find out how he died..."


© 2016 Hilary Clark


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