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Starting a Hub, Long Story Short

Updated on December 2, 2019
NFHavock profile image

My short story of why I made this blog/hub, and what it is mainly for. I won't keep you guessing.

Hello Hubbers

Hello Hubbers,

I go by Havock and I'm writing a book! Not just a book but let's start with simple information first. By that I mean for me, I need to be simple, I'm tired and the coffee hasn't kicked me in the head yet. This is an introduction, and I have not a flying clue where to start. (I'm sure you can tell.)

First, I guess I'll say that I'm using two speakers on the ground as my desk. Innovative right? Wrong. I'm surrounded by animals who constantly demand for attention, a space heater not plugged in, coffee, speakers, and a bunch of tools for writing. I forgot to mention a computer. Hopefully it doesn't plot its revenge and destroy my work...

Second I'll say that starting a blog (or in this case Hub) wasn't a decision made over night. I've been debating having one from the first time I had this specific book idea. That was in 2016, I started recording information in notebooks in June of 2016. In a Month it will be 2020. Yikes!

How It Started

In 2016 I heard a name that sparked a bit of interest. Thus I needed to know what it meant or if it even had a meaning. What secrets did this name posses? Killer, darkness, shining, glittering, dark haired, sun, and lady of dark beauty are all definitions that I found. Talk about Yin Yang. From that a story began to form in my head of magic, consequences, a new world, and war. This Dystopian world began to form. You see all of my ideas have a tendency to spiral and multiply into something that I never expected. Now that singular name has turned into three series that I need (yes need) to write. It will follow the ember of hate that starts the war centuries down the line, the war and how life progresses during, and how life after the official end doesn't mean it really is the end. That is the breakdown of what each series holds. Also my sometimes idiotic (okay most of the time) mind has decided that it shall not be told in that order. Lord help me.

How Often Does Your Ideas Spiral?

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Spiraled How?

One character turned into many main characters for point of views. They all decided they had to have a voice and be expressed. Alright cool! That means they would help me out right? Again, wrong. I was not on a roll. At first I thought maybe each character could have their own book, but something about that didn't sit right. There were also too many characters for one book. That's when the second idea for a blog popped into my head. What was the first you may ask? (Or perhaps don't care enough too, but needn't you worry I'mma spell it out for you anyways.) A record to follow along the journey of the first book I wanted to write AND publish. The second was all those scenes and people that wouldn't make it into the books to have their own place to shine. Thus I wanted to create a website that had plenty of information about the planet and the research I had done to make it as realistic as I could. My research now is in a place where I can comfortable write, and the many times I've started before weren't what I needed. Always lacking something that I couldn't get pass. The website has to wait until I get closer to the finish line however I still needed a place to keep record of the ups and downs while writing. This is privy to that. My not so epic compromise. My blog became a Hub.

This is what the originally written version looked like. Yes yes, many changes, much errors.
This is what the originally written version looked like. Yes yes, many changes, much errors.

Say It One More Time For The People In The Back

Hello Hub Community, my name is Nik Farr Havock, and I'm writing a book. I plan on publishing it. I need a record of all the times I fail, but also the times I succeed. How's that for a long story short? Should it have been shorter? Do you need an extended version like a directors cut? Haunting questions, I know.

For Your Entertainment,

N.F. Havock

© 2019 Nik Farr Havock


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