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Stay Awake

Updated on September 2, 2019
Himanshu Nautiyal profile image

Hello Friends, Myself Himanshu Nautiyal from Uttarakhand (India). I have completed by M.Tech (Highway) from KIIT. writing is my passion.

Awakening introduction

Friends, the present time has made us so busy that we always regret thinking about the events which have happened in the past or we spend the present in future concerns.Friends, life is always in present. Those who live in the present never say that so much time has passed, they are not known, It shows that we are living life but are completely unconscious. We are lucky if we wake up after half-life or while living, otherwise we born unconsciously and leave the body in unconsciousness.

Process of awakening :-

First of all, ask yourself if you are awake, it means you are aware of every incident happening around you. Waking up is not a difficult process, but full awakening is a slow process, which will happen gradually by itself. You have to decide that you will not ignore any incident happening around you and on your own. Initially, you will do this for a while but then you will forget, but by repeating this pledge again and again, you will always be alert. For the complete awakening of man, many avenues have been ensured in spirituality, but it is necessary to at least get conscious of it. It is almost such a process as we wake up every day, only then we get to know real life, we feel things, we react to them. Resolve to awaken is the first step of awakening, If you have decided in your mind that "I do not want to live in unconsciousness", then suppose your awakening has started. The teachings of "Mahatma Gautama Buddha" also teach a lessons of caution to humans, and tell how to live consciously.

Awakening Experience :-

Friends once you wake up, the world becomes completely new to you. After waking up, the path you have been following since childhood, or have been walking for a long time, if you walk on the same path again, you will find that path completely new. You will see that a tree is standing close to the road, which you will see today as if there is a relationship between you and him, as if he is saying something to you, everything on the way, plants, flowers, river, etc. will look new to you. , Because today you are aware, today you are feeling them, today you are knowing them, Before today, you went through this path hundreds of times, but then you were living in unconsciousness, then you saw trees, plants, flowers, river, but you never felt that that tree welcomes you with great love, Those flowers say something to you, how happy they looks, today you will get to know that there is a music hidden in the sound of the river which has been flowing for centuries.Today you will all feel as if you have known them for centuries and your memory has returned today, you will be so happy to meet them as you would meet your family after a long time.

Importance of Awakening in life: -

While living life in unconsciousness, we ignore everything and it becomes our habit. We see only pictures in nature, we do not see any emotions in them. Once awakening happens, everything becomes alive for you, it seems that along with you nature is also beginning to notice you.

Friends, as man is progressing in the field of science, his sensitivity is getting lost. By taking material pleasures as everything, a person comes to the senses when he has no time. Then he feels as if a child who has been sitting on the swing in sleep, knows that he was seated on the swing and he missed the pleasure of swing in unconsciousness. Thus, after passing precious time, only remorse remains.

Being alert / awake or awakening is not a mere matter, it is a fact of life that upon knowing a human being starts to use every moment of his life. Friends, if we do anything in life, if we do it with full vigilance and full awake, then understand that you have lived that time. The discovery of gravity by the great scientist Newton is also an example of being awake, he was conscious, he noticed gravity.

It is known that we spend our life completely in unconsciousness. Living in unconsciousness has become the trend of our society today. From morning till evening, we have stored many items that disturb our consciousness.

Every person, whatever he may be doing, from any religion, lives in any area, should live consciously, life is priceless, but the most precious time which is in our reach is the present time. Friends, today we discussed awareness / vigilance in life, next we will discuss how it will happen in our life.
Thank you


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