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How to Stay Positive in Darkened World by Never Giving Up

Updated on October 20, 2011
FaithDream profile image

I'm an inspirational writer working in interior design, planning commercial offices where I found my niche, but with a passion for writing.

Living each day the best way I knew how, I suddenly faced a crossroads. Raising the question, How do you maintain a positive attitude and not give up on writing at HubPages?

The answers have inspired me. Every person gave me a unique perspective.

As the song goes, "You raise me up to be more than I can be."

Making my life count is the reason I chose to write online articles in the first place. My passion in writing has produced poetry, fiction, and stories about the ups and downs of life.

Mother Theresa once said, “If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

Was I trying to achieve goals of reaching thousands to make a bigger impact and was then left unsatisfied?

Was my dream to write just a passion pushed aside by the pure nature of attaining an income? I questioned myself.

Putting in long hours on the computer, I was neglecting my family. Looking back over the past couple of weeks, I was filled with fear and doubt.

Writing has long been a passion of mine. I write what I think, what I feel, what I want to convey in a message to the world. The spirit of journalism became an instrument for justice.

I watched the media for weeks endorse the rantings of Charlie Sheen. It created in me a sense of outrage. Shouting out his crazy antics on television, but I didn't want to write an article about Charlie. I didn't want to contribute to his popularity.

Because is it really funny or tragic to watch a man slowly die before your eyes?

The news turned a dramatic point when the disaster struck Japan. Forget about Charlie, nothing compares to the devastation and destruction that took place in Japan. I shared in their pain.

My heart became sick. My faith was shaken.

I started to reevaluate what I was doing. Did it really matter at all?

The news will report whatever they want to report. And no one is safe from natural disasters.

Facing the recent world news, the Internet of Google changes, the virus alerts, and the viewer drops, I faced my doubts of writing.

How can a person stay upbeat and positive in a darkened world? How will us as writers contribute to this impact -- positively or negatively -- while writing online journals or articles?

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

It is all about Perspective. See these amazing photos of nature. It is something beautiful.

Many of the comments I received from the question I posed, struck a chord in me.

I'm thankful for their insight. Here are just a few points I want to share with you, my reader:

barbergirl28 said, “ Write because you are passionate about it. Do it on Hub pages because you love the community feel. Don't stress over what Google has done... Just stay positive and do what you do best.”

DonDWest said, “Just keep writing because you love it and who cares about Google. The Internet is much larger than Google.”

This was a great way to put it all in perspective.

duffsmom said, “Look to the pros and what they do. How many submissions did Stephen King have before acceptance. Or Joseph Wambaugh? They wrote because it is who they are. A writer has little choice but to write. If money can be made, that would be a bonus. Don't give up; write because you have to --and if people enjoy it- even better.”

I wondered who I was trying to impress, myself or how much money I could make.

christ4ever said, “If each message you write only reaches but ONE person, it was worth it. Anything else is a bonus!”

This comment and the last made the biggest impact on my heart.

Cindy2011 said, “Why did you choose to join Hub pages? Was it not to practice your writing skills? How does one become a successful writer? Almost all great writers respond by saying, "write, read, write". There is no better place to practice your craft than on the Hub pages. Your responses will give you the best feedback - either people understood your hub or they didn't. Write to support your craft.”

Do not be discouraged.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." – Joshua 1:9

Ultimately these comments forced me to believe in myself again, to trust in the bigger picture.

The fact is I should never give up.

When faced with adversity of any kind be it news media, weather reports, or online writing, it is important to stay positive.

For me it was an understatement. I went from caring for my aging mother and working a full time job in interior designer to nothing. My mom passed away and a month later I was laid off from my job. So I began to write. I wrote to stay positive, I wrote to make a difference in this world, and I wrote to express my passions in life.

Looking at the real reasons behind my motives and aligning myself with my established goals allowed me to remain positive to my calling.

Faced with the insurmountable odds of making it as a writer, I laid it all down at the foot of the cross. If this was my new destination, then I asked God, I would like to be reassured. We ask God to give us signs all the time. We want to know we are following the right path, making the correct choices. We want God to affirm us.

My soul searching is continuous. With a heart for worship and a passion for people, I'm on the right path. I’m on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and I realize that I will face trials and setbacks.

I just need to remind myself who is the real Giver of Life, the one whom I am meant to please.

Happiness depends on happenings, but joy depends on Christ. - Life Application Bible

I'm reminded to stay grounded, to get back to the basics of life, and to spread the light within a darkened world. I am staying true to myself.

Listening for God's Word

Final Thoughts on Remaining Positive

Trust in God, be mindful of his promptings, and listen for God’s whispers in your heart.

I learned that to stay positive during these dark days is to lean on Him. The one who has brought me out of the darkness.

My God is mighty to save and He is still living within me. I can choose to either listen to Him or walk away. I chose to listen.

God remains my rock, my shelter in the storms, and although my faith may become shaking, I will never give up on HIM.


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    • FaithDream profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from (Midwest) USA

      Thank you Ms.Unique, you are a star in your own right. Believing in yourself and staying true to your convictions makes all things possible.

      I'm going to keep on writing and keep my eyes on Jesus for He lights my way in this darkened world.

      Bless you.

    • Ms. Unique 55 profile image

      Ms. Unique 55 

      8 years ago from Edmond OK

      I love that You love writing as much as I believe that I am a writer. I love that you dealt with your negative feelings that way, and I am happy to read your responses. You write with feeling and conviction and no one will ever take that away from you.

      I wish you well in your future endeavors, you've given me a reason to continue.

    • Raymond Tremain profile image

      Raymond Tremain 

      8 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

      STAY IN FOCUS FaithDream, thats all you can do, then you will be a winner, I know so.

      Didn't Paul stay in focus as he was a winner,

      then one day Jesus will say to you WELL DONE.

    • FaithDream profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from (Midwest) USA

      Thanks Raymond for sharing your thoughts. Staying positive is an act of will and faith. It's a battle and the only thing that we can do is keep our focus on God, the one who will lift us up.

      I agree that if only just one person is encouraged, then it is worth it. Thanks for your encouragement.

    • Raymond Tremain profile image

      Raymond Tremain 

      8 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

      FaithDream all one can do is to write what is in their heart, I have just written 2 check them out, "About The Future" "The Lord Will Save His People"

      yes so true when you write if it just gets to one person it is worth it, when I write my reward comes to me from heaven, anything from the world I will not take,But I will give my all to the world.

      God loves you

    • FaithDream profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from (Midwest) USA

      Thank you Christine. I appreciate those kind words. I guess it is healthy to question ourselves from time to time, it breeds growth.

      I'm pressing on to continue living my dream.

      God Bless you.

    • Christine P Ann profile image

      Christine P Ann 

      8 years ago from Australia

      Doing what you love is so important and you are very talented at what you do FaithDream. I for one are always happy to read what you take the time to write.

    • FaithDream profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from (Midwest) USA

      Thanks Fossillady, always glad to hear your thoughts. Keep on feeding your soul, your pages are inspiring.

      People like you give me encouragement. Thank you.

    • Fossillady profile image


      8 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

      I'm drawn to writing, gardening, photography, fossils! They feed my soul and hubpages has given me an audience to share with. Sure the money would be great, but I haven't made a cent and it hasn't stopped me yet. When I run out of things to say, then I guess I'll stop, but it won't be anytime soon! Keep the faith and your thoughts are always welcome!

    • FaithDream profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from (Midwest) USA

      Thanks Ruchira, appreciate you sharing your thoughts here. It is through our trials that we grow and learn and I'm learning every day.

    • Ruchira profile image


      8 years ago from United States

      It is such a challenge to stay positive in this environment but, I guess humans are born to take up challenges and thus are considered the smartest species on earth :)

      I liked your perspective in your hub...Cheers!

    • FaithDream profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from (Midwest) USA

      Thanks Roger, your words of encouragement are inspiring. Staying focused and staying positive.

      God bless.

    • profile image

      Roger Wright 

      8 years ago

      Hi FaithDream,

      I have had many paths in my long life, and every time, the core of my being brings me back to what I love. Do what you love--follow it passionately and with dogged determination. Don't look to the right or the left; stay focused. And, by the way, you are touching people, AND you will touch millions if you just hold strong.



    • FaithDream profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from (Midwest) USA

      Thanks manny, appreciate your thoughts on this subject. It seems that a lot of people are asking these types of questions nowadays.

      Your photos are inspiring and uplifting, glad you are continuing to share them.

    • mannyrolando profile image


      8 years ago

      Very interesting and excellent hub... I say, keep writing as long as you continue to feel good about writing and the reasons for doing it... I have asked myself the same questions about my activity here on hubpages and this same thoughts have crossed my mind "Facing the recent world news, the Internet of Google changes, the virus alerts, and the viewer drops, I faced my doubts of writing". I have come to the conclusion that I get more out of creating my photo hubs than anyone who views them, for me is an escape and a distraction and it brings me joy to share my photos, plus it has inspired me to continue to take even more photos... I will stop my activity here on hubpages when I no longer feel this way. Thanks for writing this hub Faithdream!


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