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Stealing Away The Stars

Updated on December 13, 2011

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I’ve tried so hard to be

Anyone but me.

Cause nothing I do is good enough,

And I can’t take the critics.

I’m not that tough.

So what exactly do you see

When you stop and look at me?

An object of self discovery,

Or something else, possibly?

I used to know who I was

And everything I stood for

Things have changed so much,

I’m not certain anymore.

And I try to write down everything

Going on inside my head.
But now my thoughts are weapons.

I don’t want to end up dead.

My thoughts and feelings are weapons

In a battle against me.

I never thought I’d fight myself.

But I was blinded. Now I see.

I see my aspirations

For what they truly are-

A foolish dreamer’s fantasies

Upon a fading star.

The star is growing dimmer now,

As it slowly dies.

And this dreamer’s left here pleading,

“Please, open up your eyes.”

For all the Peter Pan’s and Wendy’s

Have long been forgot.

As well as the freedom

That they, for so long, sought.

Freedom from destruction

Of their dreams and fantasies.

Freedom from the evil

That every adult sees.

For where adults see

Death and Strife,

Children can see

Light and Life.

But only the pure ones,

Who make childhood Last.

Not the children

Who grow up too fast.

What will happen

Once we have ripped apart their dreams.

Shredded the whimsical blanket

At it’s very seems?

When we are born, We meet ourselves.

And as we learn and grow.

Like it or not, who we will become

Is the person we get to know.

But when children are expected

To already know who they are,

It’s like veiling them with nighttime,

And stealing away the Stars.

With only fear and loneliness,

With no stars to wish upon,

All the moonlight slowly fades,

Until finally, it’s gone.

And only darkened shadows

Are left in its place.

And the dreaded boogieman

That we all must face.

His name is rejection,

And his looks can kill.

And once he glares at you,

Your heart’s left standing still.

And it seems the only way to fight

Is by turning on your own night light.

To turn it on, you must believe

You’ll no longer ache, or cry, or grieve.

Believe in the magic. And be a kid at heart.

Or watch your world be thrown apart.

So a word of caution

To the non-believers,

The pessimists,

And the deceivers:

Don’t let your day turn to night,

And always remember your night light.


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