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Stephen King and his Creative Mind

Updated on February 26, 2013

Stephen King

Love Stephen King?

Stephen King Who Is He?

This article is for all the Stephen King fans out there, if you wonder where and how this creative mind has come from and what he has accomplished, please read on. Stephen King has inspired many writers, including myself and many still seek him personally to review their manuscripts for his opinions. Unfortunately Stephen King only reads manuscripts already accepted and signed or I'd be sending my books to him..

Have you read one of his books and wondered where in fact this man and his imagination came from?

Let me tell you the facts of the renowned author Stephen King and once you learn about this man be sure to read the selection of books he has published. I will give you the background of his private life as well as his publications.

As an author Stephen King has always been intriguing to me, but more so after I heard his audio book series "Green Mile" where he himself narrates a chapter about how he writes and the facts of his personal life.

Stephen King was born in Portland Maine in 1947. His parents are Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. He was one of two sons, and his parents separated when he was just a small child. His mother’s family was from Malden, Ma. where he spent time throughout his childhood. He moved about often as a child, until eleven when he returned to Durham Maine. He stayed with his grandparents Guy and Nellie

Pillsbury had become physically unable to care for them and his mother Ruth King took over their health care on a personal basis in their home. Ruth’s family offered help by providing funds as well as a small house for them to live in.

After his grandparents died Ruth found employment as a kitchen worker in Pineland a residential home for the retarded. Stephen attended school in Durham Maine and graduated in 1966. He remembers as a boy watching his mother an avid reader of Agatha Christie flip to the end of the book and read the ending which rendered him speechless which helped him to write series books and chat books like Green Mile.

While attending college at the University of Maine at Orono, he wrote a weekly column for the school newspaper, ‘The Maine’. He, like many other Americans at this time rallied against the Viet Nam War and thought of it as unconstitutional.

Failing his draft board physical exam for being flat footed, punctured eardrums, high blood pressure and having limited vision he escaped draft and graduated from the University of Maine in 1970. Duly he met his wife Tabiath Spruce in a library, and they married in 1971.

Like many of us writers Stephen King had to survive by working another profession, he was a laborer at an industrial laundry. There was the occasional sale of a short story to men’s magazines and his wife’s student loan and savings helped the couple through these times.

Stephen continued writing weekends and evenings and some of the short stories he wrote are in the "NightShift" collection as well as other anthologies. Stephen began teaching English classes at this time in Hampden Maine academy.

His first big break and accomplishment was in 1973 when he wrote and signed on with DoubleDay publications where in fact he was finally paid enough to live on and devote himself full time to his writing. The same year the King’s moved to Sebago Lake in North Windham for the winter.

The year 1973 was a double fold for Stephen who lost his mother to cancer at the young age of 59, and published his first book, ‘Second Coming’, and then, ‘Jerusalem's Lot’, before it became 'Salem's Lot’. The King’s decided to move to Boulder Colorado but it was only for a short span of six months where he wrote the book ‘The Shining’.

Returning to Maine he began writing three more books the same year, ‘The Stand’ where the story was placed in Colorado and “The Dead Zone". The King’s are known to travel often, and decided to spend 3 months in England in 1977. Leaving England they returned to Maine having a summer home in Center Lovell, and one in Bangor. Like most writers was detrimental to stimulate him to write.

If you were to walk up and meet him, you would see a man with Scots-Irish decent about 6ft 4inches tall weighing 200lbs, with vivid blue eyes and thick black hair, wearing a beard that looks like it was splattered with frosted white strands, and he always wears glasses.

Being so busy writing he has stopped answering his mail, hoping his fans understand.

If the sound of eerie music fills your head while reading, and your skin shivers in expectation for the next thrill or mystery, you have read a Stephen King book. Be sure to read all of his works from the first to his last, each one is remarkable and worth a read.

You have just read only a portion of what I know of this man’s biography, the one and only; mastermind Stephen King.

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Williams


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