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Stephen King Is 'the King'

Updated on March 2, 2018
Joseph B Daniel profile image

Joseph is an avid reader from the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Here he will share his opinions and views on his collection of novels.

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King critics are just haters!

Let me begin this article by simply stating that we live in world of individuality, a concept that I believe is lost to many people out there. What I am trying to say is; if you don't like it, don't read it, and keep your opinions to yourself. I personally despise romance novels, but you don't see me trash talking Nora Roberts or Alexa Riley. Why? Because I know that I don't like this genre. So it really gets me frustrated when I hear people use terms like 'senseless gore,' and most recently 'filler,' to describe King's works.

First of all, to the critic I most recently came across that used the term 'filler' numerous times to describe the novel 'IT,' you sir, have no idea what filler is. The novel 'IT,' was based around seven main characters, seven! Each one was given a deep and detailed background into their character, which made the reader connect with them on such a level that you felt every mental and physical trial they endured. Also, this book covers two separate timelines, their childhood, and then when they grew up. Of course it must be a huge book!

Another fine example was 'Under The Dome.' I had the privilege of reading this when it was all in one massive book, long before they ever thought of the TV show. This too was filled with characters that the writer wanted us to connect with and to understand. And this is what makes King so powerful. His characters become alive in the reader's mind as they did in his when he created them, they grow and they mature and they change. It is this ability to make these fictional characters take on a life of their own that draws us to them in the first place. So I strongly disagree with anyone who uses the term 'filler' when describing King's work, it is all essential to character development.

Next I wish to highlight the people who turn up their noses when someone suggests a King novel in the book store. On more than a few occasions, people have responded with; 'Oh, he's too violent,' or 'It's too gruesome.' These are stereotypes. While I would admit that many of his works do have a lot of detail when pertaining to acts of violence and/or torture, King has written many tales of Fantasy as well. I challenge any of you to read any of the Dark Tower novels and say that you were not impressed by the wide variety of fantastical landscapes, creatures and characters. Have a go at 'The Eyes of the Dragon,' this tale holds a special place in my heart because it evokes a sense of wonder like when I was a child reading Gulliver's Travels. Also you can try 'The Wind Through the Keyhole' (which admittedly is based in the Dark Tower world, but is really a tale within a tale).

What sets him apart

Stephen King is much more than just a Horror writer, he is a master of his craft. If you read the intro to his book 'Everything's Eventual,' which is 'Practicing The (Almost) Lost Art,' you will see where he says that he often changes things up to keep it from going stale not only for us the readers, but also for him. And this is so true. There are many King titles that you would never have guessed were his if the name was not on the cover. How many authors can really do that? Again, this is a master at his craft, and I stand in awe of his work.


In conclusion, for those of you who can't stand a horror novel, don't run from the King section on the shelf, ask for help and find one of his Fantasy novels, you will be pleasantly surprised. And for those of you who have actually tried them all and still hate King, well, that's the beauty of individuality, just don't go thrashing up a storm online about it. Maybe one fine day when you have written more than sixty novels, then you can post your hateful comments, until then, keep it to yourself.

What's Next?

In my next article I will be taking a short detour from 'The King,' to talk about my personal 'Queen' of writers, the amazing Anne Rice. Her words are like poetry, and no writer, male or female, alive or dead, can bring a scene or setting to life like this woman. To put it in a way that a non-reader would understand; when Anne Rice describes a fire, you can hear the flames crackling on the wood and you can even smell the smoke, and when she writes about a banquet, your mouth will begin to salivate. Her words are gold, pure gold.

Thank you again and please keep reading.

© 2018 Joseph B Daniel


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