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Steppenwolf - Hermann Hesse

Updated on July 7, 2014

1. An Introduction about the Book

Steppenwolf is a life-changing book.

Only who read that before knows how it can mess with your inner. Sometimes a little surreal, sometimes to much real, steppenwolf ask us to enjoy the life we got at the same time that make us think about where are we in life, on society. Everyone can find themselve on Harry Haller, because he is a part of everyone.


Harry Haller is a weirdo. He's never happy with the life he owned and have only two certainties: The first is that within it's two entities fighting a battle inside him - The man and the wolf. While one is living, the other laughs and joke and fight again to be at the command.

The second certainty is that when He finally complete fifty years, will kill himself. But until this date never come, there is much suffering to bear.

You can think that Harry is well resolved, but nothing is as simple as it seens and Harry sees his life turned upside down when he receives a strange booklet named "the treaty of Steppenwolf " and later known Herminia and Pablo, key pieces for his development, since they lead him with mastery through the destruction of that ancient and dissatisfied Misanthrope he was before

“For what I always hated and detested and cursed above all things was this contentment, this healthiness and comfort, this carefully preserved optimism of the middle classes, this fat and prosperous brood of mediocrity.”

My Comments

The Steppenwolf was a great and relevant book in my life. Not only for its content and the change that created on me, but especially for starting my want to search for more Hermann Hesse's books and later make me continue to read various authors. With Steppenwolf I started to read a lot more.

Seven years after the first read, I recently read the book again and much has changed. So, let's go check that!

In past times the book has exacerbated the feeling against the property, the stagnation. Harry says at the book that He can't be satisfied with the convenience, the stagnation, with the " warm ".

But there is a danger in these feelings . The main character , goes to extremes and can not get to moments of contentment with himself. While the man predominates, the wolf feels uncomfortable and vice versa. His sense of inferiority, this disgust that each side feels about the otherself is something that is self imposed by himself, and that breaks the barriers of what is healthy.

This is the point where the Incridible Harry becomes a character to be improved. He, that was a bit anarchic and antagonistic to society, bring us a feeling that is positioned above the burguesy and in on a path to some sort of redemption. We believe on that and idolize that caracter.

But somewhere at the road, He becomes brittle as we find his inability to enjoy all the benefits achieved to date and his bourgeoisie past. A poor suffering soul .

" There are times when a generation falls between two lifestyles, and all the evidence , all morality , all salvation and innocence are lost to her. "

The feeling of being lost between two worlds is another point of empathy with the character , the transition between the old and the new. Between the bourgeoisie that both hates and feels the need and the freedom that craves and fears . While it is not able to choose their path , suffers . And continually tries to raise some of the sides , looking to belong somewhere , always unsuccessfully .

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The presence of magic theater and Herminia only comes as a turning point in your life , already urging the discovery of new, small pleasures teach and make Haller , who has not thought possible to use nothing but waiting for death , learn great lessons .

Just a quick addendum: Did you know the band Steppenwolf is based on the book?

Worth it?

VERY worth it! The Steppenwolf is probably , along with Siddharta the best known works of Hesse , but not the best . The book is more of a cry against a lifestyle , has a force against the established standards , and therefore so successful in igniting something in us . But there are also questioning works as Demian , or extremely contemplative , as " The Game of Glass Beads " , which are also awesome .


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