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Successfully Promote Your Book Using Social Networking Combined with your Author's Brand and Platform

Updated on December 20, 2015
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Mr. Matthew Q. Dawson is a native Texan. He spent his childhood and young adulthood residing in Austin, Texas.

As Authors, we find ourselves struggling to sit down and reflect on those who have helped us become who we are today. Being an Author is trying at times, as well as frustrating due to the inability to find our desired success, however at the end of the day we find a reward and that is we were able to get just a little piece of our world in the hands of our readers.

Always remember as an Author never give up, success is only how the beholder interpreters it.

Authors are their hardest critics. Never can we satisfy ourselves and never can we produce work that we are satisfied with. We as Authors struggle when we are trying to meet the deadlines that we have set on ourselves.

Finding success as an Author first has to come by the Author relaxing. Enjoy what you are writing.

As an Author if you have set your own expectations too high then how can you produce top quality work? You cannot, your writing will be pressured. This is when an Author will find that the book that they had spent two or three years producing has limited or no sales. As an Author, we must be willing to take breaks from our projects.

During the times that we are taking our break from writing, we can utilize it by marketing or enhancing our online visibility by spending time on the social networks. While on these social networks join groups that fall within your genre. Meet other Authors that share the same interest as you. Build a professional rapport with them henceforth creating a network within your own books genre.

By the time your book is ready to go out on the bookshelf you have enough professional Authors supporting your book that success will find you rather than you having to chase your dreams.

In the publishing world, many authors have gone to self-publishing. An Author can find success by producing, publishing as well as marketing their book (s). The secret is balancing the time between all the responsibilities of being a self-publisher.

A self-publishing author has to be able to spend just as much time promoting their work as they spend writing their book. One way to do this is by having your own website. There are many hosting sites that are affordable and offer many products at a lower price.

Take advantage of these sites. Register a domain, It is recommended that you as the author use the book’s title within your domain (for example if the book’s title is Daisy’s House Adventures then domain should be http.daisyhouseadventuresclub etc… then you would choose if it should be .com .info etc…)

By utilizing this website as a way of posting book inserts, Author’s scheduled updates, and video podcast of you reading inserts of your book you will find your future book has found the eye of many on the world wide web before it has even been published.

By promoting your website on the various social networks, an Author will find that the interest of your future book will become a part of many fan clubs before the actual book is in print. By building a fan base (A Following), an author will build the reader's anticipation of the release of his or her book. The author will find that the hype he/she had built will pay off as they watch on the release date of your book those who have decided to follow your fan base social networks will be standing in line to purchase the book.

Finally, start a blogcast radio station that promotes your work; however the blogcast radio station should not only promote your work but also find a niche that falls within the subject of your chosen genre. This will show to fan base that you know about the genre you are writing in.

Being competitive within this industry is being smarter and staying one step ahead of the marketing game, if an Author will think outside of the box he/she will find that obtaining success will be much easier to achieve.

Building Your Author's Platform Using Social Media

An Authors platform is basically a group of followers that thrive off of the work of a talented author.

The stronger the author's platform is the higher the visibility the author will find. The more momentum and energy the author puts in their networking the more readers will follow the author (Building a fan base).

Building an author's platform should be done before the author’s first published work. Reason being is “The Author” needs to build a professional reputation.

Here are three questions an author should ask themselves when beginning to build a successful platform:

• How are you perceived within the writing industry?

• Do your inner and outer circles know you are a writer?

• As a writer, how do you want to be perceived by the public?

Based upon how you answered these questions; is how you start building your platform.

Your answers to these questions will better assist you in building a successful strategy plan with the intent of selling your books and building a stronger sales market.

As an Author, you have to sell yourself. Building an Authors platform is hard. As an author, you have to be willing to spend 10 to 15 hours a day networking and selling yourself.

Based upon your answers to the question above the author can work harder on their weak areas and less on their stronger areas. Personality is a great way to build a strong platform.

The higher the authors drive is; the more momentum the author has towards building a successful author's platform.

The more anticipation the author’s platform builds, the more of a buzz about the book is built. Remember more buzz about the book means a higher anticipation; which means, in the long run, the author will have higher sales for the published book. So when building your platform remember to build anticipation and a “Buzz” about your anticipated book (s) and their release dates.

Building an Authors platform is the key to an author success.

By definition, an Author’s platform is a group of people “Groupie” that follows the Author. An author may ask how do I get these followers "Or Groupies".

One way is by social networking. By utilizing social networking sites, you are forming a gathering "Or Groupie". Talk about your projects within your social network pages, release small inserts of the book building a common interest with those that are following you on the social networks.

By sharing the content of your soon to be released a book with those that you communicate with your fan base will become familiar with the writing style of the author.

While the author is building a personal online friendship with perspective readers he/she is building their online presentation of being a professional writer.

Building an author's platform is all about making yourself visible; not only online but also in person. Another one of the keys to building a successful platform is not to just think locally but also think globally as well.

The key word is build momentum; Be confident in your marketing!

A pecan tree cannot produce pecans without first the seed being planted. This is the same for an author. The success of a book cannot come without first starting a buzz ("The Seed") about it!

Use the networks and your Authors platform to spread the word about your book (s) build the books momentum and hype up!

The higher the momentum and anticipation of your book (s) release; the more anxious your followers will be when it comes time to purchase the book on the release date. Also, remember the higher your fans anticipation for your book to be released the more likely they are going to tell others “So build A Hype About Your Book Using your Authors Platform”.

Lastly; never give up!

Build A Website To Help Gain Exposure

As an author, we consumed with many tasks that we must fulfill in order to gain success. In this trade, it is often easy to overlook some very vital and important promotional techniques that can gain many sells that we are all looking for. One of these overlooked promotional techniques is a well-designed promotional website. Most readers look at the author’s online presentation before they will become dedicated to on-going purchases of that authors book (s).

So the Authors website plays a vital role in how successful an author will become. When building an Authors website the author first must look at their chosen genre.

Steps To Follow When Building a Promotional Website

As the author is preparing and building their website he or she should follow these few steps:

1) Just as most authors build an outline for their working manuscript to gain success through their website an author should also build an outline of ideas for their website before even starting to build it. Come up with unique ideas that match the content of your book (s).

2) Pick a domain name as I had said in a previous hub “Fantastic Promotional Tips for The Self-Publishing Author” it is suggestible to utilize the new .co domain (Please read the above hub to find out why). When picking your domain, I have always told authors you should choose a domain that is short in length and that follows the title of your most promoted book.

3) Find a web host that is affordable and that also meets every one of your needs. Most often times the author should look for a web host that has dealt with the writing world as they have a bit more understanding of the complexity of self-Publishing combined with Self-marketing.

4) When choosing a web host the author should choose a web host that has software that is user-friendly enabling them to design as well as maintain their own website (As all of Self-Publishers know we already conquer a high cost and should always try every way to save money).

5) When building your website use these three principals;

a. View your site as your reader visiting it

b. Make your site user-friendly and easily accessible to all of your visitor’s

6) Link a paid blog site and your own personalized online store to your website. By following this step, your online visibility looks like you are an established author.

7) Add a Featured Author Page to your website; by taking this step, you are showing two things

1. That you have a network of authors that you work with,

2. You are willing to open your network up with other (again broadening your author network).


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  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 

    5 years ago from The Caribbean

    Very helpful for writers. I especially appreciate the "Steps To Follow When Building a Promotional Website." I know that it is necessary, but why the delay? Even I can't answer that. You've given me something to work with. Thanks!


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