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Steroid To Heaven.

Updated on January 2, 2010

Steroid to heaven.


((((( o ))))) ((((( o )))))


Android boys

like steroid toys
that offer stronger,
faster joys.

Their pumped up
iron muscles mesh
while down below
small bumps of flesh
are ballsthat look
like shrunken heads,

between tight thighs
of massive girth
in locker rooms
much cause for mirth
but incapable of causing birth.

I guess they got their
moneys worth.

Anabolicly they frolic
soon as bloated drugaholics
but always buff when in the buff
projecting looks so rough and tough.

brains voiding
they employ
prescription toys
for bronze god boys,

but oh, so
easily annoyed
rage burns 'em
like adrenalin
as chemicals destroy
these men.

pecs move
as six pacs,
wash two more
poisoned pills down
to build up more,
they inflate flesh
until their sore.

Ignoring all of
death's dangers
these 21st century
power rangers
too soon reduced to
cold, dead strangers.

Then friends and family
all in shock
question what drove them
to seek rock hard muscles that
made their hearts stop,
each super jock
now in a box,
a wee bit oversize
it locks,
down over all
that massive
girth as pallbearers
get their works worth....
while lowering
them into earth.

Was it all worth
the praise of men
to be so strong
then gone from them
as prayers are read
and dirt clods cover
just one more muscled
steroid lover.



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