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Still Life Canvas

Updated on November 10, 2009


Still life canvas ©-MFB III

On the canvas of life
there are spattered
many hues and tones
much light and shadow
unlimited views
both vibrant and dull
containing endless subjects
who are and were
placed there with
a specific intent
but more often then not
befuddled the arrangement
mankind was God's work of art
but the master's work
ran in places
faded in others
failed to apply themselves
chose a different direction
critiqued or misinterpreted
the meaning of it all
stained and obscured
his beauty so grand
tore holes in the
dreams stretched across
Earth's horizons
and worst of all
there was a crazing
to a lot of
those he included
leaving his handiwork
a matted and distorted
black velvet
flea market special
God will soon render
unto this same work
so throughly defaced
a cleansing
a removal of all
that is good
to a higher gallery above
and then all that
remains will be
a still life canvas
with the souls
that painted it black
scraped from it's face
and returned to
the fires of


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    • Randy Behavior profile image

      Randy Behavior 8 years ago from Near the Ocean

      OR it is all as it is supposed to be in its imperfection. Perfect only when viewed from a wider vantage, if only we could see "the big picture." Death I think will bring the proper perspective!

      I like this one a lot.