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Sting of the Sorpion Part 7 "Assault"

Updated on July 18, 2016
lawrence01 profile image

I am an ex soldier and I spent time in the Middle East among the Kurds. I loved writing this story as I could tell part of my story.

From the previous

“What about the helicopter?” Mac asked, “How does that fit in the picture?”

“As far as I can see” Smithy replied “They’re using it to rotate the guard units, a new one every day is my guess”

“Which means they’ve got backup at Khomeini international” Joey interrupted. “An hour away”

“Yep, but they can only get a team of eight here each time! And that takes about 45 minutes flying time”

“What about vehicles?” Jacko asked.

“Six counted” Smithy replied, “five look like Landcruisers and one Eva truck, ex East German Army!”

The briefing continued as the team discussed the entry point and how they were going to get out of the fortress.

Truth was Jacko wasn’t all that happy with one piece of news that he had to give, disturbing news that London had delivered. GCHQ had picked up ‘chatter’ on the networks, phoenix was making promises that meant only one thing, they were ‘moving the heavies in’ and it had to be tonight!

“We go tonight boys” Jacko said, “We’ve two hours to sunset, we move out in half an hour”

Meet a real SAS patrol

A  real SAS Patrol that was the most decorated SAS Patrol ever. From the book 'Bravo two zero'
A real SAS Patrol that was the most decorated SAS Patrol ever. From the book 'Bravo two zero' | Source

Continuing, the climb

They reached their ‘staging point’ just as the last rays of sunlight were disappearing. They made their last minutes preparations and checked all their equipment, the weapons were all checked, all magazines were full, but nothing in the ‘chamber’.

“Scorpion three this is Scorpion one” Jacko spoke softly into his headset mike, “Sierra Papa in five over”

“One this is three” Smithy came back over the radio, he was still at the ‘O.P’ as that’s where he was needed during the assault, he’d be covering team’s entry into the fortress and ‘talking them through’ where the enemy were, his job was to make sure they weren’t detected as they made entry and to give ‘covering support’ for Jacko and Mac as they brought Chambers out, “You’re good to go”

Jacko turned to Joey, as the most experienced mountaineer in the team Joey had been given the role of leading this part of the assault. He took up a position at the head “We should be good scrambling up this part boss” he observed, the terrain was steep, but not too tricky.

The fortress was five hundred feet above them, the first three hundred feet would be a relatively easy ‘scramble’ up the mountain, and they expected it to take just a few minutes. The second part was a different story.

Two hundred feet of steep cliff face, not without handholds, but not something to be taken lightly, the idea was to stop and wait until it was completely dark with the moon out for that part of the climb.

As soon as it was dark enough they activated their night vision visors on the helmets and they were away, the green light helping them see as if it was day, twenty minutes later they’d cleared the first part of the climb and took a couple of minutes break ready for the hard part.

“Wait until I get to the top” Joey told the rest as he began the climb, the going was pretty easy using the night vision visor, but the important part wasn’t the climb so much as making sure that no one in the fortress heard them coming, there was still plenty of activity in the fortress, but it was all inside and near the front of the buildings, Smithy was keeping an eye on them.

An amazing true story


“Four hold” Smithy’s voice came over with a sense of urgency just as Joey was about to climb over the top of the cliff, he froze. “Bandit passing you” Smithy spoke again, ‘Bandit was the code they were using for an enemy. “You’re clear now, should have ten minutes” he spoke again.

Joey literally jumped over the top of the cliff, there was a ledge about four feet wide between it and the walls of the fortress, a small bush was growing just there. Taking the rope from off his shoulder he tied one end round his waist and wrapping it round the bush he threw the other end of the rope round the bush and down the cliff, the idea was that the next person would tie the rope round their waist and begin to climb, Joey would keep the rope tight (but not pull too hard) and give the person extra stability by holding them with a ‘fifth’ anchor point thus allowing them to move that little bit quicker.

Sandy was the next over the top, she took ten minutes where Joey had taken twenty, as soon as she was over the top they heard Smithy say “Our friendly bandit’s back, they laid prone next to the bush and just waited.

“You’re clear” Smithy came over the mike, Sandy untied herself and moved further along the wall, towards the Northern end, she found a rock and melded herself to it’s contours. Jacko and Mac followed in the next twenty minutes Joey moved off as soon as Jacko was up and moved off to get ready for scaling the walls.

The final assault

The final assault begins
The final assault begins | Source

Getting in

Climbing the walls was pretty easy compared to the cliffs, there were places where the rocks had worn and toe and handholds could be had, it took him a couple of minutes, but he was soon in the fortress.

It was the smell that gave the sentry away, Joey could smell the tobacco, cheap Turkish tobacco. There was a low table like object nearby so he crouched down behind it, “Where is he Smithy?” he spoke softly into the mike.

“About twenty feet away, just about to come round the corner” Smithy’s reply was almost as quiet. Joey tensed up, every sense going into overdrive, he was upwind of the target which gave him all the advantages, silently he slipped his knife out of its sheath and readied himself. “He’s mine” Joey spoke again.

“Roger that” Smithy replied.

The sentry was totally oblivious to the impending danger, more intent on enjoying the cigarette he was ‘just going through the motions’ of guarding the base, secure in the thought that nothing and no one could get to them! How wrong could he be?

He drew level with Joey, but was focused more on the cigarette than looking anywhere, not even taking a moment to check the valley below or enjoy the star filled sky, Joey slowly raised himself to his full height, then silently took two steps forward into action.

A hand shot round his mouth, a cry of terror welling up within, he opened his mouth to scream and raised his arms to break the hold, but nothing happened as a sharp pain at the base of his skull was all he felt as the knife entered the neck, severing the spinal column right between the brainstem and the first vertebrae.

All feeling was lost, the heart stopped, the lungs no longer functioned as their communication path with the brain was severed, not even the voice box would function as the sentry couldn’t exhale to get the air to pass through it! The body was already dead, only the facial muscles, the eyes and the tear glands continued to respond to the brain’s commands.

Joey gently laid the man down, more because of not wanting to alert other sentries with noise than any sense of mercy; he quickly stripped the man of all his weapons, the AK47 Sandy could use, but the grenades he had uses for. Next he removed the man’s jacket and boots, Chambers would need them.

Read the full novel

We're in!

The rest of the team were waiting at the base of the walls, they’d heard the exchange between Joey and Smithy, but knew nothing of the outcome. The next thing they knew was when the body silently came over the wall and crashed down beside them. Jacko and Mac stepped up rolling the man over the cliff and into the abyss.

“We’re clear” Joey spoke again. “Up you come folks”

Jacko and Mac came before Sandy, as soon as they were in Joey heard a faint ‘click’ as they clicked their silencers onto their sidearms, then stealthily they moved off towards the keep.

Every Medieval fortress has a keep, a stronghold where the defenders could retreat to as a last resort if the outer walls of the fortress were breached, a place to wait it out until relief came or as a ‘last stand’ as the leadership negotiated terms for surrender. The keep was about thirty feet by forty five feet. It stood three storeys tall.

The satellite dishes on the roof would have given things away, the top floor of the keep was traditionally the abode of the ‘Lord of the Manor’, this was being used as the Command and control centre, the next two levels would be the accommodation block and the ‘cellar’ underground was always where the Dungeon was, that was where Chambers was almost certainly being kept.

As soon as they were with him they took out their sidearms and gently clicked their silencers into place, all Joey heard was a very slight click.

“When Sandy gets here, give us two minutes” Jacko whispered into his mike, “Shouldn’t need longer than that” and with that they both moved off in the direction of the keep.

It was in the North east corner of the fortress with one door entering it from the battlements into the Command centre, they could see lights on.

Sandy pulled herself over the battlements and made ready to follow Jacko, Joey put his hand on her arm “Wait up” he told her, he took the AK 47 that had been the guard’s and held it in front of her “Know about one of these?” he asked her.

Meet Mr Kakashnikov

The Command post

“Of course I bloody well do” Sandy was indignant, “I’ve done the training”

“I’m not talking about the stuff you see in training, they use the ones on sale in the USA” He replied, “this is an original, it’s got a few extras not seen in the west” He carried on. “Here on the safety, you’ve got four settings” Joey pointed to the little handle above the trigger, “Safe, single shot just like the ones we see in the west, then you’ve got ‘double tap’ as in two shots and fully automatic fire” he handed the weapon to her, “here, you’ll need the extra firepower when things really kick off!”

She took the rifle, checking the safety; it was on ‘safe’ with the magazine attached. “How fast can it shoot?”

“We’re clear” Jacko’s voice broke in over the radio. Joey signalled her to follow him “Roger, we’re on our way” he carried on to Sandy, “that Magazine holds thirty rounds; on fully automatic it’ll empty the magazine in just under three seconds”

“That’s six hundred rounds a minute!” Sandy was a bit shocked, “Same as a heavy machine gun!”

They were at the door of the Command post as Joey replied “Yep, and its hand held!” they stepped into the room.


The room was pretty spartan with three tables around the walls of the building, in North west corner was a trap door that opened up on a set of stairs leading down to the lower levels, in the North East corner was another set of steps leading to another door that lead onto the roof where the antennae were. The tables were on the Western, southern and Eastern walls with a cabinet housing the computer servers on the Northern Wall. The cabinet was only waist height with a large monitor above it, there were four screens on the monitor, one of them, the top right one showed Chambers in a cell with the light on.

The evidence of a quick, efficient and ruthless entry was there, three operators were in the corner, dragged there by Jacko and Mac, their weapons all removed and piled in the middle, their jackets removed, one of them had his boots, socks and trousers removed, they all had small a small hole that went through the roof of the mouth and exited at the base of the skull at the back of the head, evidence of a silenced 9mm in the hands of experts, they had no chance to give a warning.

“Gather the Intel and set the charges” Jacko was all business, they’d scooped up one of the AK 47s and two or three magazines, even Chambers was going to have to help with firepower! “We’re going for Chambers” he signalled to Mac they were both wearing the jackets they’d ‘acquired’. “How long so you need?”

Shit happens

Sandy had already done a quick scan of the room, she had to remind herself these men they’d killed were working for people who happily brought murder, death and destruction onto the streets in nearly every city in Europe, and all for the almighty dollar, they got everything they deserved, and compared to the deaths they inflicted Jacko and Mac had been very merciful! “Yeah,” she replied, “Let’s grab as much as we can”

Joey smashed the cabinet with the butt of one of the AK 47s. It took him another fifteen seconds to smash the back off the computers and rip the hard drives out, no need to worry about leaving evidence, the ‘little packages’ would take care of that.

Those little packages were a half a pound of C4 with a small timing detonator that he set to seven minutes, when they went up. He placed three of them in a corner of the room, then he took the oxygen cylinders, they were still quarter full, that was great. It was all he needed. He opened the valve slightly on the cylinders and placed them upright with the valve on the top inside the computers servers. The idea was simple; the C4 would go up and heat the room to around five hundred degrees celsius, which would ignite the oxygen in the cavity, the flame would travel down inside the valve like a rocket driving the cylinder itself down and through the wooden floorboards causing them to ignite and set the floor below ablaze as well as the CP causing absolute havoc and panic!

Joey had two more C4 packages to plant and set, each one had slightly less time on the timer so that they could go off all at the same time, he signalled they needed to go onto the roof, “Just in case they’ve got another phone line somewhere” he’d explained, “I want to make sure the antennae are as dead as dodos!” Sandy grabbed one of the handhelds that the CP people had.

Joey’d just planted the last of the explosive ad was heading for the steps back down when the radio came to life, it was in Russian so he didn’t understand it, but he did understand Sandy’s cussing!


“Guard commander can’t find one of his men” she said, “So he’s trying the CP and worried why they’re not replying, he’s coming!”

“Oh shit” he flicked his mike on, “Boss, we got company”

“Roger, how much a problem?”

“Guard commander inbound to the CP maybe ten seconds”

“Any chance of exit?”

“Negative, we’re on the roof, not seen yet, but only one minute on the timers”

“Roger, go for the Base”

‘Base’ was a code they’d agreed on for the last resort in escape, it was bloody dangerous even in daylight, at night it was damn near suicidal, but there was no choice, they were going to have to base jump off the building!

“I always knew you were bloody crazy” Sandy muttered to Joey as he helped her rig the wing suit, it took about ten seconds to unzip the sleeves, unfold the material and zip back up to the main body, the same with the legs, “I look like a frog!!” the humour was helping with releasing tension.

The noise downstairs was starting as the guard commander tried the door, it was jammed as they’d wedged a table up against it, he began shouting into the radio, shots were fired into the door.

As soon as they were ready Joey waddled over to the edge, “You ready?”He asked.

The guard commander was calling up the other guards in the guard hut near the front of the fortress, they began to pour out of the hut in a state of semi preparedness, weapons were brought to bear on the figures they could see on the roof

“You kidding?” Sandy shot back, she was terrified, but even a near suicidal ‘base jump was better than what awaited them if they hung around, at least there was a small chance of living through it!

“Remember” Joey shouted as he jumped, “Spread your legs and make a star formation” the wind caught him and he was away.

“Lunatic” Sandy screamed more at Joey than at herself as she followed suit, the wind caught them and they were away speeding as the world erupted behind them.

Imagine doing this at night with bullets flying!

That's all for this week folks

I know I've stopped just when it's getting interesting, truth is I need time to get the old heart rate down again so that I can finish the story, Joey and Sandy won't be left 'hanging for long' and we'll see what happens with rest of the team when they break Chambers out! but for now I've got to stop a little while, I'll post the next installment as soon as it's ready.

Thank you for following

For those who're new to the series here is a link to the previous one and the first so you can start from the beginning.

See you next time



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    • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lawrence Hebb 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      We all start somewhere!

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      2 years ago

      Great going!

    • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lawrence Hebb 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      I just worked out how to get to the sales reports! So far they're 'steady' and I was pleasantly surprised that I could access them as the book's only been out four days!

      Best way to describe it is 'pleasantly steady'

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      2 years ago

      How is the Kindle working for you?

    • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lawrence Hebb 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      Glad you're enjoying it. The book is out on Kindle and Amazon now (with about 40% more than is in the hubs) if you're interested, so far I've only put the links on episode 18.



    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      2 years ago

      Good action sequences. Nice cliff hanger.

    • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lawrence Hebb 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      That's a huge compliment, thank you. I've tried to give a bit of a 'taste' of what it must be like.



    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 

      2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Makes me feel like I am with my own friend, Joey, who was an Airborne Ranger and he was on night missions as a search and rescue sergeant. One too many jumps from a plane caused him some back problems and he was pensioned off.

    • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lawrence Hebb 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      I had to stop there as I needed to take the break. But the next instalment is written, I just need a little time to put the finishing touches to it.

      Hope you can hold on, thanks for reading.


    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Talk about a leave us gasping for breath, wanting to grab four fingers of booze, gulp it down and look for more. Waiting to see what happens next will be excruciating. :)

      Happy Easter, my friend!

    • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lawrence Hebb 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      THAT RAISED A SMILE! My wife has asked if she can call me that too as it got a smile from me! I'm writing the next episode today and I'll get out as soon as I'm done!

      All I can say is its 'helter skelter' (do you use that expression, it means non stop!)

      from here until 'extraction'


    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Bastard. I cannot hang on for long. Where is Chambers? My goodness so many questions. You just left us hang gliding over a ridge.

      Well done friend.


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