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Stir-Fried Walking Dead

Updated on December 5, 2012

I walk amongst powder snow

the fire reflecting off vinyl glass

lens paper trekking on cloud rise

scale of saline tropes

flights never reaching,

as the slow drag of nails across steel bars

fall, hundreds of locust beaten butterflies

taking flight spitting corkscrews,

nuts, bolts hitting the ground

while passengers scream

unseen like blasted snow angels.

It's you I float amongst

the sound of vacuous ember

chariots and invisible horses

pulling the pipes plaster vows of

union to our infant charade cries and

sirens warbling to the sullen sinking hole

heeding cancerous reverberation with your

mollusk eyes two twin towers smoking

their blunt gathering with gulf sacrifice.

I burn scene in all my creases

folds flap in the wind

like wrapper gum along the outcrop

of broken nails scabbed over

double-dipped with invisible sharpener

visible in stash of backwashed

ink tentacles that drip three thousand tasting menus

and flames spit glory bandana red

as I hug the laurel lacing of your melting shoes

nothing more butt ashes gently settling,

where I fall to you

my paper heart wrapped

around your bleeding walk.


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    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Just incredible.

    • MooMyuu profile image

      Krista Felts 5 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee USA

      *fwoosh* as it goes so fast over my head that it messes my hair up...