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Stolen Chapter One

Updated on February 14, 2015

I didn't see much for the world. I thought it was pretty dull and boring, if I was going to be completely honest. And I had a right to think that. Because I had nothing. Not really. I mean the only thing that I really had was Luke. He was my best friend and I cherished him. But he was all I had. Because I didn't have money. I wasn't famous. I was adopted, so I didn't have my real parents. And I didn't have friends.

Today was Friday, and it was the night that Luke and I always go out. So I was in my room getting ready, when my mother comes barging in. Which didn't surprise me, because her and her two daughters that couldn't do no wrong always did. Talk about no respect. But then why would they. Because I wasn't her daughter or their sister. I was nothing. Just someone who would do the housecleaning.

'You're not going anywhere tonight. The bathroom needs cleaning.' My mother ordered.

'Well it can wait until tomorrow.' I snapped.

I didn't see it coming. I just felt the sting. And I had cracked. That was one slap too many.

'Fine,' I said through clenched teeth. 'Now get out.'

My mother smiled like she had won. But she was wrong. She hadn't won anything. But she just lost her house cleaner. I was leaving and I was not coming back. So when my mother left, I quickly shut the door and locked it. Then pulled out my two overnight bags and threw in whatever I could. And when I was done I pulled out my phone and messaged Luke.

Can you come earlier? Had a fight with the bitch and I'm done. Plz say I can stay with you.

Of course. I'm on my way. Luke sent back instantly.

I laid on my bed waiting for Luke to arrive. Which was only ten minutes. He must have sped a little. But I wasn't complaining, because the quicker I was out of here, the better. I had been in this house for fifteen years too long. I was adopted when I was two and they pretended to love me until I was old enough to start to do what they wanted me to do. I became their slave.

I was a slave for my mother to do the house work. Everything including cooking.

I was a slave to my sisters to do their school work.

And I was a slave to my father. He liked to use me for his own benefit. Yes, he began to have sex with me, against my will, when I was fourteen. And it would happen six nights out of seven.

That was another reason why I needed to get out of here.

And that was also the reason why I took advantages of Friday nights. Because I drink and drink until I can't drink no more, so I can forget about my life.

It was still light when Luke came, but he was smart enough to hide his car around the corner. And he walked around to my room and knocked on the window. So I carefully pulled the window up and threw my bags to him and silently jumped out. Luke carried my bags and we were now running to his car.

As soon as I was in Luke’s car, I sighed a deep breath in relief. Because I was never going to go back there. I was willing to sleep on the streets before I went there. But I know Luke would never allow it. He would always make sure that I had a place with him.

Luke didn't take me straight to his house. Instead he drove us to the usual cafe that we always went on a Friday night to have our dinner before we partied. And partied hard.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I woke to a major mind grain. But I also woke with someone beside me. And it wasn't until I turned around to see that it was Luke. And I tried to remember what happened before we ended up here. But I just couldn't. I was too wasted. Which I wanted. But I didn't plan on getting into Lukes bed naked.

Please don't be naked. I silently prayed.

I gently lifted the blankets and my worst fear was true. I was naked, which only means one thing. I had slept with Luke. And it wasn't supposed to happen. He was my best friend. Nothing more. And finding out that I just slept with Luke, I carefully rolled out of bed and sat in the corner of the room with something that barely was covering me and I cried.

'Jillian?' Luke slowly sat up. 'Jillibean.'

'I ruined everything. I'm sorry.' I cried harder.

'Shh, you didn't ruin anything. We were drunk. We didn't know.' He wrapped his arms around me tightly.

'So it won't be weird between us?'

'Of course not.'

'But what am I going to do. I have no house and no money. And I can't go to school.'

'That's silly. My house is your house. As for money, that goes the same.'

'Lukey pie, you can't do that.'

'I can and I have. Now stop it.'

I knew I couldn't argue with him. Because Luke was lucky to have a large house you could say that it was a mansion. And as money goes, he was never short. His parents were famous people. So they were pretty well off people.

'Ok. But I need some money so I can go to the chemist.'

'Sure. You can have the first shower.'

Luke hoped up and turned around so he couldn't see my naked body. So I grabbed my bag and quickly made it to the bathroom, which I was glad that Luke had one attached to his own bedroom. I had a turbo shower and was ready within five minutes.

Luke drove me to the chemist and I told him just to stay in the car because I wouldn't be long. So I practically ran into the chemist and was out within five minutes. I grabbed Luke’s water and swallowed the tablet.

'Let’s do something fun.' Luke grinned.

'What do you have in mind?'

'I was thinking about dream world.'


We stopped only to get breakfast, and then by nine-thirty we were in the parking lot of dream world. I had to admit that it was one of my favourite places to be. It was fun and I didn't have to think about my life. I could just enjoy the rides and see the tigers and whatever other animals were there. And stuff my face with food. And take hundreds of pictures.

I was crazy about pictures. I would take one every few minutes. And I would mostly take photos of trees, birds, or Luke and I together. Luke was probably in ninety percent of my photos. The other ten percent was of nature and birds. Or something that was something of beauty. And most of my photos I made black and white. I don't know what it was but black and white photos were my favourite. I liked them better that way.

Nine hours later we were ready to go home. We had done everything there was to do. And some we did twice. Like the tower of terror and the giant drop. But at the end of the day, I had fun and was feeling better. I was beginning to feel that life maybe worth living. And it was all thanks to my best friend, Luke. And because of that some part of me wishes that I could like him more than just my best friend. But I know why that was. And it was because for one we were like brothers and sisters-which I know sounds wrong now since we just slept together-but it was not intentionally. But the only reason which is going to sound so girly. But I just knew that he wasn't my soul mate. If I thought that soul mates exist, I was yet to see.

Not that I knew what to do if I ever come across my soul mate. And in reality I had never actually had a boyfriend. I mean don't get me wrong, I had have boys, guys interested in me and asked me out, but I wasn't interested. Well there was one boy last year that I could've said yes to, but with my life how it was I just couldn't bring myself to do it. And I did regret not saying yes. Because I always wondered how it would've turned out. But I was afraid of him-well everyone-to find out that my adopted father uses me for his own benefit.

Not even Luke knew. I just couldn't tell him. I didn't want him to see me as someone that was dirty. I could be a whore. Though I knew he wouldn't see me like that. And that he would only help me with what would help me. But it was also because I didn't want to see him pity me. I didn't want him to feel sorry for me. Because it was bad enough that I saw that he was sorry for me every time I looked into his eyes.

'Jillibean, we're home.' He nudged my shoulder.

Wow, I didn't realize that I feel asleep. Though it was much needed sleep from the night before. I blinked a few times before I sat up properly then hopped out of the car. I realized that it was eight-thirty when we reached Luke’s room. I was still tired, but not tired enough to go to sleep. So while Luke was in the shower, I jumped on his laptop and began chapter three of a book I was writing.

I swear Luke was a girl sometimes, because forty-five minutes later he walks out of the bathroom. I remember once I joked with him about did he have to shave his legs. But all he did was laugh then gave me an ugly face. But in the forty-five minutes I managed to get half the chapter finished. And now I was sleepy so I shut the computer off and went for a shower then climbed into bed next to Luke.


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