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Stolen Eyes

Updated on May 26, 2017

Stolen Eyes

Once there was a place---the greatest kingdom of all; a strong fortress, the strongest that there has ever been. And within it was a benevolent mighty King and his people. The kingdom also has its own skies with crystal waters flowing throughout the mighty refuge----it was their paradise.

Now the King wasn't confined within its majestic walls, he had the ability to oversee his kingdom without ever really leaving his beloved people. But one day one of them grew tired of perfection and was dragged away by curiosity as to what was behind the kingdom's walls. Their King gave them everything they needed including liberty, all except for the permission to go out the gates.

"Beyond the gates you will lose your faith," was the King's solemn warning.

The key was placed on a wooden table in the center of the King's palace, there were no guards, nothing was there that can stop anyone from taking it except the will. The will has the power to inhibit or to indulge--the choice laid bare.

Alas! The false-hearted rendezvous of the mind continued, and so that one man decided to study the walls when out of nowhere a voice coming from outside aroused in him a desolate spirit.

----"come dine with me, here outside pleasures you'll see! No more walls, no more decrees to obey. Here outside is where you want to stay. All you need is to take the key and take more so that they too shall see."

In response that one man gave his will and so began a conspiracy. Dark clouds rolled in as the people gathered, that one man standing in front. "Let us go now! Let us take the key! Let's build our kingdom, let us be free!"

Then one by one the people gave their will, thunders rolling in, they've stolen the key. "Open the gates!" and it opened indeed. But after taking the first step outside they felt their spirit's screaming, "this is suicide!" and in the blink of an eye a monster of the most horrid appearance took them all and gouged out their eyes!

They tried to run back but the gates were gone. "Cursed be the King!" said the foolish ones. Completely turning away they fell to the ground and so exchanged their forever for the now. And so they vomited their hearts out as the monster offered them a cup of pleasures and lust.

---"cheers for you are mine at last!"


A hundred years of thirst and pain, the people lost it all and there was not even one gain. But the monster cradled them with lies, singing them lullabies and so they decided that the King they shall despise.

----"hush for death is sweeter now."

And so they've forgotten, the vacant space in their chest remains rotten.

Now as the people were dwelling in darkness something caught their deadened affections. It was scarlet blood slowly flowing in through their desolate land. More and more it continues to flow until they've been covered from head to toe. The sight made the monster fly away in grave despair while the people remained drenched in such a dark hue. Then that one man who first heard the monster's voice heard a familiar tune. "Let us see where all this blood is coming from!" he shouted being ravished once more by curiosity.

As they were drawn closer by the blood to its source, they slowly started to feel whole once more---not even noticing their eyes were restored. Finally they reached the place and what they saw pierced their fallen race. And for the first time, they saw the King’s beloved son whom he has always spoken of coming to fulfill the greatest act the kingdom will ever see. He was told to be so beautiful and majestic, exactly like the King himself! But the people saw something unexpected-- in great shock and awe, they saw the King’s son stripped off of his crown, beaten up and no glory to be found. His lifeless body offered upon a sacred stone that says, "Behold the King who died in their place."

------"This is the King’s son! His flowing blood has freed us! Feel our chests and hear the rhythm of hearts beating inside us!

------------Oh forgive us Oh, King! We have dined with lies! Take us in with your sacrifice!"

Weeping through their new eyes, a blinding light started to shine, and looking up they saw a face so dear. And then in a blink of an eye they were once again standing outside the gates.

--- "Come now my child," beckons the King.

Upon hearing the words, the people trembled in fear, "did the King called us his own? We are not worthy! To him be the glory alone!"

"Come in with us," the King says again, “my son has ransomed you out of your end.” And so the people entered in back home. This time they now know that they have always been his own.



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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 9 months ago from The Caribbean

      What a wonderful story of rebellion, repentance and redemption. The gospel in a tale!