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Stone Cold!

Updated on December 4, 2009


Stone Cold!


The world
is now a stone
empty in space
barren and grey
cratered by
man's need
to destroy what
he could not have
and I am
the lone spirit
who refused to depart
I remained to
chronicle what once
was a living breathing
vibrant orb of dreams
long since reduced
to this dark hulk that
orbits in a trajectory
that would have
sustained life
for eons but now
is on a futile journey
to oblivion
due to mankind
turning un-kind.

I am but a wisp of
to the fading warmth of
my home's core
then soon no more
the last poet
crying out
for all that
will never be
tortured by
the soprano
wails of the
earth's children
long since vanished
into eternity
I am alone
hovering over
a marker
a circular monument
a giant tombstone
that comemorates
being no more
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III


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