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Stories From the Heart

Updated on August 23, 2016

Taro's Journey

It was really windy. Taro sat with has hands on his eyes talking to the sand as usual. He asked "Why do you blow so hard, you bother people and make their lives miserable, people can't see in this weather"

The sand replied: "How can you say we make peoples lives miserable? It's because of us that people enjoy the sunlight; they stop in awe to gaze at the rainbow after they have withered our storms"

Taro thought to himself "That makes sense" and he walked home with that beautiful thought in his mind. When he reached home his mother was cooking dinner

"My child! Where have you been I was worried about you" she exclaimed

He gave his mom a kiss and said" I was talking to my friend the sand, he said something nice" and Taro relayed the story.

His mother laughed "Taro my dear firstly sand doesn’t talk and secondly people would appreciate rainbows even there were no sandstorms because they are beautiful"

The next day when the wind blew again Taro ran too his favorite place in the desert

"Sand o sand you lied to me, my mother says that the rainbow is beautiful anyway, it has nothing to do with you?"

The sand said "Little friend tell your mother that she has lost her childlike eyes which is not good. If we didn’t show people what is unpleasant how would they compare? If they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable because of the warm sand under their feet, how would they enjoy walking on grass at dawn? If the sand wouldn’t make them sneeze how would they enjoy the smell of flowers in spring? If the bright sun in the desert wouldn’t pierce through their skin how would they enjoy the rain?"


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    • rogreeno profile image

      rogreeno 5 years ago from Philippines

      Wow! That was really heart-warming. I'm really glad I stumbled upon your post. Good day!