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Secrets of the Old City 1

Updated on June 9, 2013

My name is Erysa. I’m a paladin disciple of Sarnithia. I’m writing this in order to preserve the knowledge of certain findings during an expedition to the depths of the oldest city in Mirmithain. The ruins were in the southern part of the continent and we went there, because my mentor, Cetry, had discovered something while reading those old scrolls he had found in an old library in a town near Sareth, the capital of Sarnithia.

I wondered what was in those scrolls ever since I got to know about the upcoming trip. I still, to this day, don’t exactly know, what those scrolls talked about, but I hope to find out soon. They must’ve been crucial, if we had to undertake such a quest.

The main objective was to thoroughly investigate everything we found to be even slightly important or what would even slightly give us insight of the older times. Especially the story of the city itself. After all, no one has ever seen something this massive in this world before and no one has built anything this big again. It’s magnificent, that’s for sure, but what created it or more importantly, who built it.

I went on to make sure I was ready for the journey. Can never be too ready for something like this, can you.

The time had come. Erysa was getting ready for an expedition to a city she always wanted to see. Soon she would join three other people to a journey to an unnamed place. Cetry said, that he had found something really important from the old scrolls he brought to the temple a while ago and feels the need to investigate the temple of the old city.

The Old City, thought Erysa, I guess we could give it such a name.

The other people besides Cetry, who Erysa would join, were Lyra and Isilden.

Lyra was lucky. She bears the name of the Archgoddess of Life. In addition, she was potentially the most powerful out of all of them in the arts of magic and also a quick learner.

Isilden was a quiet person, who had talent with swords. He’s also handsome, added Erysa. That thought made her smile, me and my thoughts. Sometimes. He didn’t exactly share much of himself, so no one here knew much about him. Not even, where he came from.


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