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Stories of The Past

Updated on March 13, 2018

Journey To Adolescence

Without a doubt I can honestly say that the best years of my education came during grade school. Standing in our blue uniforms with starched white shirts in the crisp, cool September morning these days were to be remembered. Like uniformed prison guards the nuns stood by and prompted us toward our classrooms.
It was first grade and the discipline was starting to settle in. These were times of learning and learn we did.
Girls were assigned on one side of the room while the boys were segregated on the right. The smartest of each were assigned to the front of the class. The lessons were rigorous and harshly disciplined.
At 8:00 am promptly we had our Religious chapter followed by civics (federal and municipal government), geographic study, mathematics and practice of music, art, history and finally spelling and penmanship. At noon we began to break for lunch.

With a half an hour for lunch we again formed a line for recess.
Those days still stick with me as I go through the years. I often wonder where my classmates are today and what exactly are they doing.

© 2014 Charles C.


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