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Stories, short and long

Updated on July 28, 2014

About stories . . .


Variety is indeed the spice of life. Consider anything across the spectrum of life's experiences - food and its ingredients, clothing, houses to live in and their interiors, modes and means of travel and communication. You get them big, small, long, short, gigantic, and dimunitive, and in all other sizes, shapes, shades, and dimensions between the two extremes.

Stories are made when people exchange their experiences. Obviously, the great variety of experiences would span as many varieties of stories as well.

This lens list all the stories - short and long, that I have narrated so far. Please click on the links accompanying the introductory briefs to read the respective complete stories.


Of Pebbles, Politics, Mind, and Matter:

Thoughts are fascinating things to ponder over. Our individual realities are nothing more than a collection of our respective thoughts that are created, stored away, recalled, and processed constantly by thoughts - to generate still more thoughts. We are, as long as we have thoughts and cease to be when we don't.

The story that follows is an elaboration of this concept, which is woven into the life of a reclusive and scholarly young man. His thoughts and his analysis of this intriguing entity maneuver him through the maze of public life and elevate him to ultimately grace the seat of the President of the nation. The numerous incidents-some amusing, others somber, some others exciting, and a few that are poignant, form the backdrop of the story of this man's journey to the high office and beyond.

Click on the links marked red below to read the relevant chapter of the story "Of Pebbles, Politics, Mind, and Matter".

Books by the author

"Animalese" - Life would be happier with a bit of kindness

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"Making of a Medico" - There is more to becoming a medico than knowing medicine

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"Cloudless Sky" - Look to the skies to understand life's emotions

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    • NAIZA LM profile image

      NAIZA LM 5 years ago

      I enjoyed reading your stories. Great story compilations in a lens. :)