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Psalm of the End of Days: Storm Rising

Updated on February 15, 2013

We only have to look around us to see what I am seeing. To pick up a newspaper, or even look outside the window to notice that the world has changed dramatically. We once had a sense of right and wrong, a balance between good and evil. We may not have had all the answers, and we certainly knew it wasn't a perfect world, but we still had hope and dreams and a belief that with a few good men it could be made a better place for all of us. I don't know if we still have those dreams. Perhaps they were illusions, possibly even delusions. Oh, the world will get better but it won't be as easy or as smooth as once thought.

Below are just a few of my thoughts upon the matter:


There is an evil wind that has blown on shore,
Coming upon the currents of blackened wings,
That have groaned and strained from the pits of hell,
Until the world wretches and belches from depths of darkness.

A blood red sun sets on upon future days,
As the world spins endlessly on an axis of discord,
While heads shake and stare down upon trembling feet,
Wondering how did we let it end this way.

Bursts of scattered light flare against ebony skies,
Currents scarlet flow through out the barren streets,
Pierced by sudden cries of grief and anguish,
Drowned by the deafening silence that eventually comes.

This is the reward for those that could and would not speak,
This is the dawn for those that masked evil in the cloak of the 
A toast to victory of those reliant upon the forces of destruction,
Not a word of protest as they bent the horizon from day to night.


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