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Story Beginners

Updated on February 17, 2016

Struggling to find your perfect story? Here is some help! I know how hard it can be- Different topics with different starters- You're welcome!



  • I checked my phone. 'I'll pick you up at 8 x'. A grin stretched across my face as I twirled the front strands of my hair around my finger.
  • Sat, waiting for my pepperoni pizza to arrive at the table, I had a sip of my drink. Suddenly, my chair moved forwards and caused me to spill my drink all down myself. I turned around to see why my chair had moved, and saw a waiter getting up off the floor. "Are you okay?" I ask, glancing at my soaking shirt. "Yes, I'm so sorry, I tripped." He looked at me, and I looked back...
  • I woke up and looked out of the window. I noticed that we had stopped at another platform. There was a homeless man sat on the floor, next to his- "Excuse me, can I sit here?"...
  • Knock knock knock knock. They wouldn't stop banging on the door. I was sat watching the telly with my pajamas on, trying to ignore it. Knock knock knock knock. Ugh. I got up and walked to the door, and opened it slowly. "Hey, Stacey, right?" He was holding flowers. I flushed. "No... I'm not Stacey, sorry..." I looked at his face, and noticed his big brown eyes...

(My own)
(My own) | Source


  • Daringly stepping into the basement doorway, I heard a strange noise that could only be explained by one thing...
  • As the glass shattered, my mind flashed back to my grandparents telling me...
  • I woke up. It was still dark. I turned onto my side and saw it. I tried to scream but I couldn't...
  • My eyes were drawn to a single raindrop trickling down the window. As it was sailing down to the bottom, a pale hand suddenly smashed into the window like a hail shower, each chunk as large as golf balls.


  • Watering the last of the snow drops, I noticed a bright light coming from behind the disintegrating shed...
  • I bent down to pick up the brown envelope off the floor, and as I lifted it, a small, rusted golden key bounced onto the tiles...
  • I heard a squawking sound coming from the kitchen. I cautiously entered, and to my surprise, a brightly coloured parrot flew over my head...
  • I opened a dusty book from the ancient book shelf. Inside was a small piece of ripped paper...

Speech Story Starters

  • "Sound the alarm!" He wailed, trying his hardest to pull open the colossal door...
  • "Get down stairs now!"...
  • "What were you thinking?" She asked, holding the photograph in tears...
  • "Truth or dare?"

Favourite Genre of Story?

Which do you prefer?- Genre of Story

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