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Story Idea, the Con Am Virus

Updated on July 3, 2018

The ConAm Virus - The fictional story

Hub 1 Article 1

A Creative Writing Project from the viewpoint of a non professional fiction writer Article 1

By bradmasterOCcal

Old Fashioned Writing

The idea that was the inspiration for the creative writing project

This hub focuses on the process of taking an idea that might be the plot for an adventure in creative writing pursuing the making of a fiction novel. This quest started with a idea that came from the theme of a hub of mine. It could end with another idea that this is an insane project. Perhaps it could be deemed as futile as performing surgery on oneself, without even having the barest of medical skills.


It began when I was trying to provide alternate solutions to our congressional gridlock. This was a political genre subject, and in no way associated with the elements of writing novels, or even a short story.

The idea that started this hub

What if I could take the theme of my hub and flesh it out into a fictional story. Now, that sounds interesting, and maybe even impressive, but I really have no idea how to make that spark into a bonfire of writing. I could have started with a less formidable project like turning lead into gold. This idea could end as quickly as it flashed before my eyes. If nothing else, I hope that it will improve my writing skills, and maybe even my spelling. It seems that according to hubpages, they won't feature many of my articles because they don't think it is quality writing.

Details of the Idea

The idea involved how a change in the structure of the United States government that has been in place since 1791 could make a positive difference today. The key problem with the US government today is congress, and the structure of congress has not really changed since we became a real independent sovereign country.

  • There are two big drawbacks in the current system.
  • Ist it is the power of the democrats and the republicans and how they create gridlocks.
  • 2nd is the party that wins the seat in congress, also disenfranchises the voter of the losing candidate because the party doesn't support their goals

The Solution

The solution for both of these drawbacks are to create a new structure for congress.

  • This new structure would create equal representation for the Democrat, and Republican, and Independent Parties.
  • The Independent parties today have no real impact in congress, but at least in the new system, their best party candidates will be represented in every seat in congress.

This is done using the Senate as an example by replacing the two senator per state structure, to a three senator per state structure. It would also replace the current methods change in party control due to the possibility of having both senators from the same party. The new system would have an Independent senator, a democrat senator, and a republican senator. This increases, if not ensures that over ninety percent of the voters are being represented in every seat in the senate.

Now to the Creative Writing Project

At this point, the new structure has enough definition to make it an understandable theme for the novel, or story.

  • It would be a documentary if it were just discussing the merits, and drawbacks of getting that system in place.
  • It would be like a history book describing how the 16th Amendment got passed to enact the Federal Income Tax.

From history book to Novel

The foundation of the novel is the new paradigm for congress, but how that paradigm could be implemented would be the plot, but not using the straight forward governmental procedures, or even the more politically strategic methods used to pass the Income Tax Amendment.

  • For starters, I don't think that the Income Tax Amendment helped the people, while the whole purpose of this plot is to help the people and the country get out from a gridlocked political party war.

The point is that it would be fought aggressively by the incumbents and both parties, along with the loyal party voters. So, maybe the plot will employ virus like methods that can be inserted into the current process, making small inroads to the final destination of a new paradigm.

Creative Writing from Idea to story

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Creative Writing from the viewpoint of a Novice Writer

When you look at this project in real time and in real life, it is a mission impossible. This is one of the reasons why I chose this very difficult project. Because, it will be fiction, we can use the art of writing to vault pass real life barriers. We can through the magic of the art of writing make the impossible, possible, at least on paper. Could that fiction be translated into a real life solution, maybe one chance out of the number of dollars in the national debt.


Possible Plots for the Novel

One of the first things that struck me about creating a plot for the novel is that it might be something very devious, and below the surface.

For example,

  • what about making the change by creating a powerful group that wants to make this happen even though they did well under the current system.
  • The group could include billionaires like Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet.
  • It should also include former politicians that know how the system works. Unfortunately, it may also have to include some talented and expert legal minds.
  • This is the age of technology, so we need the cyber experts to make anything happen today.


The players for the first chapter could be developed from the description in the previous paragraph. The first chapter could describe how this clandestine organization was formed, and why this project is important to them.

  • Any other expert members needed for this organization could be generated from developing the details about this organization.
  • Many more thoughts are popping up on the distant virtual horizon that could be included in the novel.

The novel not only has to make the organization a worthwhile one, we also have to develop some powerful characters of the George Washington, and James Bond caliber. The way that I see things at this point just based on the few things that have been discussed is that each new thought generates multitudes of possibilities for the story line development.

  • I see virtual blocks containing these thoughts, and like a sculpture the block has to be chipped away into a recognizable work of art.
  • I would create a list of items that appear in my mind, and using the brainstorming techniques of my engineering background, put them all down.

Questions that are needed to flesh out the details

Is the organization secret, semi secret, or out in the open?

  • Where is the organization located? Is it a physical or cyber one.
  • How do we organize them, and is their a top hierarchy?
  • How do we relate to the characters, as a group, by individuals, by task or other?
  • How long have they existed when the story starts?
  • Have they formed their plan, or are they still developing tjeir strategy.
  • Who will speak for the story? Is it a character narration, or several of the characters, or maybe even a spy, or infiltrator that is giving us the story.

These were just a few of the easy questions.

  • I would like to at least develop the story line for the first chapter, the organization.
  • Maybe give it a name?

Another plot thought just arrived on the outer synapses of my brain.

As this project would require new amendments to facilitate it, the first targets would be the states that would be the easiest to get on board. We haven't had a new amendment in forty years, so that would be an interesting process today.

Another thought

is under the current system, a small number of congress controls most of congress. So one ploy would be to get leverage on these key players and have them do the heavy lifting. Of course with humans things change, so the leverage has to be dynamic and altered to prevent them from backing out.

That is it for now. See you soon in another hub, or maybe not!

Making a novel out of an idea

Hub 1 Article 2

A Creative Writing Project from the viewpoint of a non professional fiction writer Article 2 1. Article 1 setup the basis for making a novel out of an idea. 2. Article 2 describes the parameters of the organization that is the focal point of the novel.

Article 2l addresses the first chapter of the novel. Working Title Instead of referring to the long title of this hub every time the novel is mentioned, I have created a working title. This title can be changed several times during the writing of the novel. “The ConAm Virus” is now the working title for this novel. Working Name for the Organization which is the focal point of “The ConAm Virus” It is necessary to create a working name for the Organization, and this as well as the title can be changed several times during the writing of this novel. This working title uses ConAm which is built from the words Constitutional Amendment”. It is a constitutional amendment, or several that will have to be created and passed for the structure of the US Congress to be changed to the goals of “Mars”. The second word, “Virus” is used because at this time, that may be the method used by “Mars” to get the leverage in congress to facilitate the creation of the amendments. A virus in the human body or in a computer system works from the inside of its host. It utilizes the functions of the host, but it changes the purpose of those functions for implementing its reason for being. A virus also hides behind the normal functions and appearances of the host. It is not until the virus invokes its powers on the host, that the host is even aware of it. Using this reasoning, I chose virus as the second word for the working title of this novel. Once again, it could be changed, if for example the method used by Mars is not a virus. “Mars” The reason for the use of the word “Mars” as the name of the organization is based on hiding in plain sight. Mars is a common word today due to the Mars Lander project, and any other common reference of Mars. As the NSA has key words for their computer programs to sort through the massive amount of information that they capture, it seemed logical to use a common name that is not going to trigger further analysis by computer programs. It may turn out that “Mars” may have some significance in the NSA trigger words, in which case this working name will be changed to a safer word. The point here is that the name of the organization is not informative or linked to the operation of this organization. To see how effective this is try searching for a common surname like, “Gay”. Gay is a surname, but it is also a common word with several meanings. Trying to sort information on a person name Gay will be rather difficult and time consuming. That is why the US government has provided everyone with a unique identifier. You call it the Social Security Number. The government uses it as a non photo national id. With a Social Security Number as a database key word, the Gay being searched for will pop up like a Jack in the Box. It is not only used by the government, but many businesses, especially banking. The point here is not the Social Security Number, but the fact that the keyword for the organization in this novel doesn’t possess any uniqueness to help any cyber voyeurs a helping hand. At this point, “The CoAm Virus” is about a secret or clandestine organization.

This second article has achieved two goals in going forward with the novel. Granted, these are really just writing shortcuts in referencing the title and the organization. It will lessen the typing, and the thinking on these two items for the moment. I have already used both of these in sentences in this article. I think it works well for its intended purpose, and maybe even beyond it. Without knowing the background of the working title, and the working name for the organization you wouldn’t know their real meaning. Searching documents on these items wouldn’t bring worthwhile information. We could also create a dummy organization using “ConAm” to mean something normal and simple. A company named “ConAm” whose products are varied like those on Amazon. In fact, the full name could be Connections Amazon.

Conclusion for Article 2 This is the thread that will go through the entire chapter 1, and even further. Or it could be redone, if later there is a change in the methods of Mars to further their goal of changing the structure of the US Congress to benefit the people and the country. Article 3 will try to develop Mars.


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    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      5 weeks ago

      You're welcome. I'm glad you like those articles.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 weeks ago from Orange County California


      Thank you. I do like your old movie articles.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      5 weeks ago

      I can understand that.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 weeks ago from Orange County California


      To be honest, I wrote this so long ago, I lost the vision of what I was going to write.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on it.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      5 weeks ago

      Personal story: If my writing depended on the enthusiasm of others I would have never written a thing. The response for most of what I've written has been crickets and tumble weeds.

      It is even more difficult to get a response with just a concept. You and I can write a story on the same concept, mine is a dud and yours is a best seller.

      As far as the concept in this article goes: A question would be what does the nation, or the main protagonist, have to gain or lose depending on the turn of the plot? Reducing the federal deficit or making the government more efficient probably won't cut it.

      As far as the Hub itself: You may want to consider adding a poll question. Such as:

      How do you think this would work best as a plot line:

      (a) An alternate history?

      (b) A present setting?

      (c) A future setting where the current system is on the verge of collapsing?

      Good luck.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 weeks ago from Orange County California


      You could see how much interest there was in this article. I think I was hoping for a critique to develop a path taken in the story. But apathy kills enthusiasm.

      Feel free to take this article, I have no copyright on it.

      Thanks again.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      5 weeks ago

      Oh well, not every writing project becomes a completed work.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 weeks ago from Orange County California


      Thanks for asking, but it died on the vine.

      I don't want to give crazies new ideas.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      6 weeks ago

      A novel, pardon the pun, approach to writing fiction. How is your novel, short story progressing?


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