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Short Stories - A Story of a boy and a rabbit

Updated on November 13, 2013

Winter just started. It had been snowing since last night. Everything is covered with snow now. Pavements and roads alike. I cant see where the pavement ended and road started. I was just assuming that it was the pavement I was walking on. As I walk, I see a stop sign just ahead of me. It said I needed to step on the road for a feet or two to pass. That was an enlightenment since I could not see the dividing curb. My bus was at the end of the road, waiting for me and others to board. I checked the time. It will leave in 5 minutes. I have to hurry, since Sue, my bus driver, has a habit of closing the bus door 2 minutes before the leaving time. So, technically, I had only 3 minutes to get on board. I hurry up and attempt to cross the unmarked intersection. But in front of me was a big black rabbit. I see rabbits now and then as this is a rabbit country where I live. They run here and there and are mostly out in search of food. I presumed that this rabbit was also hungry and as all other rabbits do, would run off with me approaching. But I was wrong. He stayed. Right in front of me as i started to cross the road. He stayed, eyes locked and no sign of anxiety on his part for being too close to a human. I am amazed as well as bedazzled. i could not think of a reason why that big black rabbit would stay on and, funnily welcomes me to the other side of the road.

I have 2 more minutes to board my bus and here I am thinking should I? I have a rabbit who seems that he wants to be friends with me or want something from me. Maybe food? But how would I know? I don't talk rabbit.

Talking in rabbit!

True! I don't talk rabbit. So, I decided that I cannot much help the poor thing. But I did take out my apple and threw it in his direction and walked on.

I hated apples. But my mom stresses ``an apple a day keeps the doctor away``.

So I take it to school to make her happy. But eat it. Maybe, maybe not.

So, I did the charity thing and gave it away and went running towards the bus. Sue, my bus driver closed the door as soon as I boarded as if she was only waiting for me.

All the way, there was just one thing on my mind......if I could talk rabbit! In school, I searched my library after recess time, to find if there is a way I could understand that big black rabbit. Nada. When the school ended, I took out my left over lunch and held it in my hand. I held it in my hands even when I was riding the bus. Then my stop came. I started marching towards my house and here it was again. The big black rabbit. This time, I had time. So I walked to it. It stayed where it was looking directly in my eyes as it was in the morning. Not jerking an inch from its place. Now I had to talk to him. I asked if he was hungry. I also asked if he was cold since he was here for all that I know of. But he did not move. I went closer to him. No movement. Closer. Nothing. Then I attempted to peck his cheeks or head. I was fearful in doing so. Fearful that it could run away any moment. It seemed too good to be true. Then my hand touched his head. It was cold and stiff. I slid my hand down his short neck. Still cold and unmoved. In my little brain I was assimilating many reasons as to why this thing is not moving except that it could be dead.

I heard a man`s voice behind me suggesting that the big black rabbit could be dead. And I heard myself saying that it looked so alive. It cannot be dead!

Dead & Cold

I poked it again, with my fierce first finger. It tilted to one side making no room for any doubt. And my heart grieved instantly so that so I could not stand upright. It was a moment of disbelief. I could not fathom, for any good reason, why a rabbit could die in cold or from cold.

My mind raced for why? Rabbits are the warmest of animals and their furs buffers them in cold. so what could have happened. It could not be cold. Could it be food? Then I saw my apple that I threw to him in the morning. it was intact. Did it die at night? Of cold or hunger? There were many questions, all unanswered.

I bent down again and tried to lift the rabbit so that I could bury it. It was heavy and cold. All of a sudden I was burdened with sorrow and grief. My house was 8 minutes walk from there. It seemed 80 minutes then.

I reached home with grief. took shovel from garage and went in the backyard to bury my cold friend. It was snow everywhere and it was pretty difficult to get to soil. It took me 15 minutes to unearth and dig a whole big enough for my mate. While I was digging, I was reciting God`s words. Same as anyone would do for their dear departed. I felt a kind of strange connection with that rabbit. I even named it Flurry. Yes, I named a dead bunny ``Flurry`` on his burial ground.

Remembering Flurry

Today is the 1st anniversary of Flurry. I lit a candle in his name. I went out and looked for any bunny in my vicinity that might need my help. I did not find any. I return to my home and go straight to where my Flurry is buried. I offer prayer for him. But my heart still aches for all the other bunnies out there in cold, making every effort to stay warm and satiated. I pray again that God take care of them and all others who are in need.

© 2013 Fatiha


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